18 November 2011


The highly anticipated H&M - The Very Best of Versace Collection designed by Donatella Versace was launched at H&M stores worldwide including Europe, Asia, H&M online and Singapore yesterday morning.
A selection of signature iconic studded leather jackets and dress, ultra elegant stunning silk dresses, vibrant prints, colours and cuts for both Men’s and Women’s Collection, complete with gorgeous accessories and shoes beckons almost every fashionista in the universe.

H&M Versace New York Singapore London Hong Kong Tokyo

The collection were sold out very quickly in less than 4 hours, with only a couple of designs and odd sizes hung sparsely on 3 rails when i reached in the afternoon.

Versace H&M Singapore collection jackets leather

As of 7pm, there were about a dozen studded leather jacket, half a dozen of leather pants, ten woollen jackets and 3 beanie hats for men's. For the ladies, 3 purple dress, pink  frange top and mini skirt and about 10 pairs of boots and shoes were left.

H&M Singapore Versace leather jacket purple dress

There will not be any replenishment of stocks but you could popby and see in case anyone changes their mind and return their purchases.

Here are some H&M Versace Collection that i considered.

Versace H&M collection haul

Versace for H&M  iconic dresses, jackets, bags and accessories were sold out but i found a  silk dress and Miami style bomber jacket which i purchased although its not my ideal size. Basically i bought everything that i found except for the leather studded bag (S$199) which was a little too tiny for my lifestyle so i gave it a miss.

BeauteRunway’s Versace For H&M Collection Haul.

Versace For H&M Mens Boxer shorts

Versace For H&M Silk Dress – S$249

Versace H&M iconic silk dress  with gold crest button

Versace For H&M Gold bracelet Chain – S$49.90

Versace H&M gold bracelet chain

Versace For H&M Ladies Bomber Jacket – S$199

Versace H&M bomber jacket

Versace For H&M Blue Flora Legging S$59.90

Versace H&M leggings blue flora

Versace For H&M Men's Boxer Shorts – S$24.90

Versace For H&M Mens Boxer shorts

Versace For H&M Men's Leather Shoes – S$159

Versace H&M mens leather shoes collection

Love my Versace for H&M Collection !

Versace H&M silk dress bracelet bomber jacket flora leggings men leather shoes boxer

The H&M Versace leather trench coat was the most desirable item on my list followed by the silk dress which i sadly did not managed to purchase. If you or your friends decided to let go, do email me at beautyrunwayfans@gmail.com

   Versace silk dress buckle H&MVersace H&M LeatherTrench Coat

H&M VERSACE collection was sold out within hours of the worldwide launch, on-line and at H&M Singapore Store located at Orchard Building, 1 Grange Road, except for H&M USA, Japan and China which will launch on 19th November. Check out H&M FaceBook for more updates.


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