21 November 2018

Taiwan muslim friendly Hotel Valletta impressed Taiwan Tourism Bureau Singapore Office Middle East Trade buyers

Hotel Valletta in Jiaoxi, Taiwan is a stunning new luxury hotspring hotel featuring Sky garden spa suites, in-room hotspring bath and hotel spa pool, with muslim friendly hotel facilities, Halal certified meal selection, separate Halal kitchen and dining area for its muslim hotel guests.

Taiwan Tourism Bureau Middle East trade buyers from Dubai and Bahrain stayed at Hotel Valletta on the third day of the Taiwan Familiazation trip by Taiwan Tourism Bureau Singapore office, after visiting Taiwan famous landmarks like Taroko Gorge National Park and Sun Moon Lake.

They were very impressed that they could dine in a separate halal dining area with halal cutlery to enjoy the wide selection of tasty Halal certified food, prepared in a separate kitchen with Halal cutlery according to the Taipei Mosque Association stringent rules at Hotel Valleta.

The trade buyers were pleased to know that in Taiwan, besides the scenic city, coast and country attractions, delicious Halal food and muslim friendly hotels are available. The facilities like prayer room, mat, timetable, quora, compass and bidet in the comfortable guest room are very thoughtful and well appreciated.


Located just 45 minutes from Taipei city, Hotel Valletta offers 165 hotel guest rooms and suites and is located at 1 Jiankang 1st Street, Jiaoxi Township, Yilan County 262.

For bookings and enquires, please contact reservations@hotel-valletta.com or telephone +886-3 910-0111.

22 October 2018

Betong Thailand Sea Clouds Skywalk 2018 | Airport Opening 2019 | Durian Festival

Betong in Yala, Southern Thailand bordering Malaysia is renowned for sea of clouds at Aiyoeweng/ I-Yerweng, Hala-Bala rainforest wildlife sanctuary - Amazon of ASEAN, Bang Lang dam, Piyamit tunnel, Betong hot springs, winter flower garden, fruit valleys of durians and Yala Fruit Festival.

The Yala Durian Fruits festival at Piyamit gardens is a showcase of Betong finest fruits float parade with Miss Fruity, biggest durian fruit float, fruits arrangement competition and fruits street buffet.

The Governor of Yala and Songkla, local Thai celebrities and distinguished guests officiated the launch.

Tourists and locals indulge in the creamy Thai durians like Chanee, Kop and  Nockyib, sweet mangosteens and rambutans.

Say a pray at Thai Four Face Buddha or Chinese Goddess of Mercy and enjoy a picnic at the scenic sculptures Piyamit Gardens.

Time Tunnels at Piyamit, Betong
Purchase ticket at the stonewall entrance, walk down the stairways and up the forest path and into the Piyamit tunnel to explore the stone cave passageways and war shelters which was the base of Malaya Communist Division 2 at Ban Piyamit 1.

Stopby at the end of Piyamit tunnel to admire the oldest millennium tree in Southern Thailand and souvenir shots.

Betong Sea of Clouds Talay Mok Aiyoeweng / I-Yerweng/Aiyerweng雲海

Watch Betong sunrise at Talay Mok Aiyoeweng mountain top as the sea of mysterious misty mists clouds weaves and wafts through the magnificent mountains, flora and fauna forests amist golden rays of warm morning sun.

Feel like you are above Aiyoeweng misty clouds, among the fluffy clouds and on white clouds breathtakingly sights for Instagramable snapshots depending on timings and wind directions.

Breathe in the morning mountain air and enjoy the cool breeze as you soak in the sublime sunlight with the phenomenon panaroma picturesque scenery at 330 feet above sea level.


Reach Aiyoeweng mountain top at 5am for the best spots at the view points to experience Betong Sea of cloud moments. The mesmerizing views starts from around 6am in the morning and the mist will disperse as the sun rises higher in the sky.

2019 Betong Skywalk Bridges
Feel like you are walking among the sea of clouds when you stroll on Betong skywalk Aiyoewang platforms above the mountains paths when it is completed in 2019.

Restaurants, souvenir shops, camping sites, more restrooms and parking bays along with widen roads leading to Airyerweng to facilitate the maximum of 4000 visitors per day together with a road extension to Hala-Bala forest is in the pipeline.

Take a river cruise on Bang Lang Dam known as Hala bala lake on a long tail boat and visit a temple in the middle of the lake.

Wat Phutthathiwat
The largest temple in Southern Thailand is Wat Phutthathiwat on Thanon Rattanakit road in Betong.

The golden temple features Mahathat Chedi Phra Phutthathamma Prakat - 13 storey high pagoda of Srivijaya architecture, lined with Buddha's relics, life size Luangpu Thuat and Thailand's largest bronze Buddha statue sits majestically on the hilltop overlooking Betong city.

Thailand's Largest Mail Box was built in Betong in 1924 with a radio on top to broadcast news to the community while doubling up as a Post box.

A new nine meters tall mail box was constructed in recent years and is located at the  Sala Prachakhom city convention hall on Sukkhayang road.

Betong Hot Springs

The Ban Charo Parai Village in Tambon Tano Mae offers Betong natural hot springs pools with outdoor gardens and childrens playground. Soak your tired legs in the hot mineral water which is believed to be beneficial for muscle pain, skin irritation and even stress.  You can cook eggs in the hot spring water well in a few minutes to enjoy after the theraptic mineral bath experience.

Betong Winter Flowers Garden
Situated in the hilly Ban Piyamitr 2 area, HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn initiated the
temperate flowers planting project in this cool weather region in Betong. Enjoy the abundant flora like tulips, sunflowers, hydra  planted in the lush gardens with windmill, manicured landscape valleys and along the winding river, complete with resorts and chalet room accommodation.

Durians Durians, Bountiful in Betong
The Betong Durian Street is just across Betong Hot Spring. Surrounded by Durians plantations and fruit farms, durians, mangosteens, shogun mandarin oranges,  rambutans, soursops and bananas are collected and brought here for sorting, distribution and sales.

Durian Favourites are creme de la crème Ganyao/ Kanyao / Ganja at 100baht/kg. Durian variations like Puangmanee / Pongmanee / Phuong Manee , Monthong golden pillow, Chanee / Chani / Kani, Kop and  Nockyib are also popular.

Sleepless in Betong
Sleepless entertainment in the evening includes Thai massages, Karaoke lounges or chilling at bars, Roti Canai supper with milk tea and coffee or 7-11 snacks, food and drinks along the main street.

Betong Hotels, Resorts and Chalets
A good night sleep in Betong recommendations are Grand Mandarin Hotel, Suam Flower Garden resort. betong merlin,  cathay betong, river inn to name a few   and local budget hotels in the city are popular choices

Betong Airport & Accessibility
Thailand's Betong airport in Yala will open in 2019 for domestic flights from Bangkok, Hatyai, Pattani and Narathiwat on small aircraft with 50 to 70 passenger capacity.


Betong is accessible on land routes in Yala and usually tourists visit Betong from Hatyai, Thailand or Penang and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The KL to Betong Thailand journey is around six hours drive and is popular for short weekend getways for drivers, motorists and cyclists. In fact, on Malaysia National Day 2018, 15,000 tourists visited Betong from the Malaysia border according to Thailand immigration news.

Visit Tourism Authority of Thailand for latest OK Betong attarctions, Thailand festivals and events listing.

*Photos taken using the new LG flagship smartphone model G7+ Thin Q

23 August 2018

Star Feasts Fun Taipei Michelin Guide 2018 Bib Gourmand Taiwan 星飨宴 玩台北 指南手册美食地图

Celebrate Taipei Michelin Guide 2018 and inaugural Taipei Bib Gourmand with Star Feasts - Fun Taipei guide book map 星飨宴 玩台北 指南手册美食地图. Discover and savour the finest culinary cuisine, deletable gourmet meals and yummy street food while you make pit stops on Taipei Metro MRT, Train, Double Decker Sight seeing bus and You-bike.

Taipei's 20 Michelin Star Restaurants crème de la
crème are 3 Michelin Stars Le Palais at Taipei’s Palais de Chine Hotel helmed by Chefs Ken Chan and Matt Chen and 2 Michelin Stars Shoun RyuGin with Chef Ryohei Hieda. 

Taiwan's Taipei One Michelin Star restaurants includes RAW: André Chiang | Ya Ge, Mandarin Oriental | The Guest House, Sheraton Grand Taipei | Tien Hsiang Lo, The Landis Taipei |Ken An Ho| Kitcho | Sushi Nomura | Sushi Ryun | L’ATELIER de Joël Robuchon | MUME |Da-Wan |Danny's Steakhouse | Longtail | Taïrroir | Golden Formosa | Ming Fu | Three Coins and La Cocotte (closed indefinitely).
Taiwanese born Singapore based celebrity Lee Teng graced the official launch of Star Feasts Fun Taipei with Taipei’s Michelin One-starred restaurant Taïrroir (态芮) Head Chef Kai Ho, together with Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei City Government (TPE-DOIT) Deputy Commissioner Ms. Chen Yu-Shin, Taiwan Tourism Bureau Singapore Director, Mr. Trust Lin, China Airlines General Manager Mr. James Chen with Taiwanese partners. 

Lee Teng's favourite food lists includes Michelin BIB Gourmand recommendations - Rao He Night Market Fuzhou Black pepper bun and Chen Dong Pork Ribs Medicinal Herbs Soup, Shilin Night Market Hai You Pork Ribs, soy-braised pork on rice, oyster vermicelli, tapioca-pearl shaved ice, “frog laying eggs”, papaya milk and iced aiyu jelly.
Taipei Michelin Star Feasts Taïrroir’s Head Chef Kai Ho displayed his culinary artistry of his signature dish 65°C silkie egg, taro “en Purée et Kueh,” Yilan “Ya Shang,” sakura shrimp (迷魂香芋泥鸭) during the live cooking demonstration, enticing the Singapore media and invited guests to make a trip to Taiwan for its delicate Michelin Star creations at the curated list of 20 Michelin Star restaurants in the heart of Taipei City.

Michelin Guide 2018 Taiwan Bib Gourmand Chinese, Japanese and Fusion food includes Chen Dong Pork Ribs Medicinal Herbs Soup | Dian Shui Lou (Songshan) | Mao Yuan | Meili | My Stove |My Sweet Home Small Kitchen | No. 1 Food Theater Cuisine | Peng Family |Serenity | Shuang Yue Food | Song Kitchen| Tao Luan Ting Roast Peking Duck Palace | Peng Family | Zui Feng Yuan | Hamamatsuya and Joseph Bistro.

Michelin Guide 2018 Bib Gourmand Taiwan Snacks are A Nan Sesame Chicken | Din Tai Fung (Xinyi Road) | Fu Hang Soy Milk | Fuzhou Black Pepper Bun | Hai You Pork Ribs | Hang Zhou Xiao Long Bao (Daan) | Hao Gong Dao Jin Ji Yuan | Liu Yu Zi | Liang Ji Lou Wei| Luo Ji Xiao Chao |Rong’s Pork Liver | Shi Boss Spicy Tofu and Stinky Tofu Boss.

Taiwanese Beef Noodles 2018 Michelin Bib Gourmand includes Halal Chinese Beef Noodles | Jian Hong Beef Noodles | Lao Shandong Homemade Noodles | Liao Beef Noodles |Lin Dong Fang Beef Noodles |Liu Shandong Beef Noodles |Niu Dian Beef Noodles and Yongkang Beef Noodle.

Taiwan is a very popular travel destination for Asian travellers, renowned for its beautiful scenery, rich heritage and culture, diverse Taiwanese cuisine from fine dining to street food and warm hospitality.

Deputy Commissioner Ms. Chen recommendations includes Yangmingshan's splendid post-volcanic geological terrain, Taipei 101 Tower and mesmerizing Taipei City night views. Explore Xiangshan Hiking Trail, take a ride on Taipei MRT, cycle on YouBike bicycles along streets and through the city’s grid-like alleys and ride the Taipei Double-Decker Sightseeing Bus.

Taipei Fun Pass allows travellers to explore and experience Taiwan in the most fun and relaxing way. Enjoy unlimited rides on MRT, city buses, five Taiwan Tourist Shuttle routes, 12 top tourist attractions like Taipei 101 Observatory and the National Palace Museum, special discounts and electronic vouchers within the period of validity of the card.

China Airlines' Star Feasts - Fun Taipei holiday travel packages by TPE-DOIT at NATAS Holidays 2018 Travel Fair includes super-value premium gift packages with accommodation and meal vouchers provided by the Taipei Hot Springs Association, discount coupons for Al Sorriso, an Italian restaurant which has been commended by Italy’s Gambero Rosso International and Sanhoyan, Taiwanese-cuisine restaurant.

Taiwan Taipei 2018 Michelin-starred restaurants and BIB Gourmand destinations in Star Feasts - Fun Taipei guide with map of Taipei Metro culinary tours is your ultimate guide to discover and savour the best Taipei gourmet specialities tasting with
China Airlines Singapore in #TimeforTaiwan #StarFeastsFunTaipei #星飨宴 玩台北. Visit Travel.Taipei for the latest travel and dining offers, information plus promotions.



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