08 February 2022

Dream Cruises Supports Singapore Tourism Board Made with Passion Local Lifestyle Brands

Dream Cruises ‘Support Local’ initiative on World Dream cruise ship is in tandem with Singapore Tourism Board ‘Made with Passion' campaign and showcasing local lifestyle homegrown brands merchandise,  promoting Singapore’s cultural heritage and new experiences curated workshops to Singapore cruise passengers.

Dream Cruises partnered The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. tea brand, The Animal Project social enterprise, Creamier ice-cream and coffee lifestyle café and Binary Style lifestyle fashion brand to create a series of exclusive lifestyle products for its first-ever ‘Support Local’ initiative. 

The six local brands involved in second edition are four Made With Passion brands - Scent By SIX bespoke fragrance label, Straits Preserves Singapore’s first homegrown producer of new Asian marmalades and nut butters, Supermama design-led lifestyle store, Fossa Chocolate bean-to-bar chocolate company and Singapore’s homegrown Three Star Brand aroma medicated oil and Soapaholic SG soap brand.

Onboard World Dream Cruise ship, sip on Dream Cruises X Straits Preserves marmalades flavoured mocktail beverages, snack on Dream Cruise X Fossa Chocolate exclusive chocolate bars, breathe in Dream Cruise X Scent by SIX  ‘Amber Dreams’  reed diffuser and Sweet Dreams’ pillow mist that bring the ocean to guests. Dream Cruises X Supermama silicone colouring placemats, Three Star Brand  ‘Restore’, ‘Recover’ and ‘Relax’  aroma medicated oil gift set, Soapaholic SG handcrafted soaps - Mermaid’s Secret Body Bar and Ocean Gems Mini Soaps are perfect as gifts for friends, family and colleagues.

Passengers would be able to participate in Dream Cruises X Scent by SIX Make Your Scent workshop, Dream Cruises X Soapaholic SG Bathbomb workshop and Dream Cruises X Supermama Colouring workshop.

As a cruise line that remains committed to curating exceptional experiences, Dream Cruises will continue to partner more Singapore local lifestyle brands to create unique retail collections that will be exclusively available on World Dream. Visit dreamcruiseline.com for more details.

ESTA Limited Edition Hand Sanitiser and Ultrabloom Foam Hand Sanitizer Launch

ESTA collectable limited edition Valentine's Day rose design, porcelain blue and Lunar New Year crane collection pocket hand sanitiser,  VTL travel packs, Ultrabloom foam hand sanitisers, air & surface sanitisers and  foaming hand soap are the perfect choices to clean and maintain good hygiene to stay safe. 

Formulated with UltraBactech, ESTA natural plant based non toxic patented formula is proven to have high antimicrobial potency, offers 24 Hours Protection against Virus, Bacteria and Germs and certified efficacy to kill 99.999% of SARS-CoV-2 Covid-19 virus. 

This Lunar New Year, extend well wishes and blessings to stay safe with ESTA CNY Nature Guard Box, ESTA Porcelain and Crane designs Pocket hand sanitisers, CNY VTL Travel Pouch and UltraBloom foam hand sanitiser to bring joy, prosperity, and good health to your loved ones and friends.

CNY Yuan Yang ESTA Hand Sanitiser Twin Prosperity Travel Pack - Pouch A (Special $20.80, Usual Price $25.80) includes Limited edition pink crane and blue porcelain design pocket hand sanitisers 15ml X 2, in a small gold pouch.

ESTA Twin Prosperity Travel Pack Pouch B ($38.80), includes ESTA 200ml Hand Sanitiser Refill Bag and limited edition porcelain design and Lunar New Year crane collection pocket hand sanitiser.

CNY ESTA Nature Guard Box A Prosperity Family Gift Set ($68.80) contains Non-refillable Card Sized Hand Sanitiser 20ml X 2 and Porcelain Design Pocket 15ml AND Crane Design Pocket Hand Sanitiser 15ml, Mini Foaming Hand Soap 50ml and Hand Sanitiser Refill Bag 200ml, Mini Air & Surface Disinfectant 80ml and Air & Surface Disinfectant Refill Bag 200ml.

CNY Nature Guard Box B Prosperity Family Gift Set ($38.80) contains Non-refillable Card Sized Hand Sanitiser 20ml and Porcelain Design Pocket Hand Sanitiser 15ml OR Crane Design Pocket Hand Sanitiser 15ml, Mini Foaming Hand Soap 50ml and Mini Air & Surface Disinfectant 80ml.

CNY ESTA VTL Travel Pouch C & D ($28.80) includes Pocket Hand Sanitiser 15ml - Porcelain Design OR Pink Crane, Mini Foaming Hand Soap 50ml and Mini Air & Surface Disinfectant  80ml. 

ESTA Air & Surface Sanitiser is the ideal choice to clean and disinfect your house from Covid-19 SARS-CoV-2 with speed and efficiency, leaving the house smelling fresh and clean

ESTA Ultrabloom foam hand sanitiser is made purely from natural moisturising botanical floral sources and aloe vera and citrus yuzu with a subtly sweet fragrance and gentle on the skin. 

Suitable for sensitive skin and kid friendly, ESTA Ultrabloom is plant based and alcohol free with natural antimicrobial technology formula developed by ESTA Technology, similar to the current ULTRABactech which kills 99.99% of microbes, including bacteria, yeast, viruses and fungi.

Give the gift of love and concern to friends and family with ESTA  Valentine's Day hand sanitiser limited edition rose design in black or white. 

Eco-refriendly and refillable, ESTA sustainable hand sanitizers are multipurpose and  can be used on high touchpoint areas like handphones, keyboards, keys, wallets and bags as well as on plastics, metals, leather, fabric, wood and silicone.

Enjoy 10% discount storewide at ESTA e-commerce store https://es-ta.com with ESTAxVU10 Promo Code, till 31 March 2022.

ESTA hand sanitizer and pocket size limited editions, UltraBloom foam hand sanitiser, foaming hand soap, air & surface sanitisers,  VTL Travel Packs are now available at ESTA e-commerce storeLazada ES-TA Shop and Shopee ESTA Shop  and retail boutiques at Design Orchard, National Gallery, Providore Downtown and Mandarin Gallery, Trixilini Scotts Square, Isetan, ColdWear, Hao mart supermarkets and Grace Healthcare Pharmacy.


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