28 June 2009


Its almost 3 weeks since i had my first gel extension manicure at PureColor Studio. My nails are still looking great and as good as new, except for a slight in growth near the cuticles. However, i am thinking of a new colour so i made an appointment with Lily at PureColor Studio.
I am not sure if i should just touch up on the in growth or to change colours entirely. My friend was telling that if the top gel layer is removed, its very painful and she practically screamed in pain when her manicurist done it for her. OMG ! I hope its isn't true.
The junior manicurist greeted me warmly and served me my hot tea. Lily greeted me with a cheerful smile and explained to me in detail if i were to change the colour of my gel extension. She would need to file off the top gel layer and i might experience a very slight tingling sensation. For hygienic practice, Lily wore a mask and also help me to wear one. This is because the filing movement would produce tiny dust particles.
Firstly, Lily gently removed the 3D flowers nail art. Then she gently file off the crystals and the blue green glitters on the top gel layer. Lily was really meticulous and i only experience slight tingling sensation on 3 nails. Phew ! Nothing like the horror stories my friend mentioned. Her manicurist is not skillful i think if she experienced excuriating pain when removing her gel nails. Lucky Lily is great as i only experience slight sensations on certain nails!
After cleaning my nails and conditioning the cuticles, Lily begin to work on my new colour. She added a light pink polish and some very fine pink & colorful glitters as the base colour. I wanted an elegant and ladylike design so Lily drew lovely roses and added pink crystals. As the pink crystals are tiny, Lily applied gel over my nails so it would last longer and can withstand daily chores.
Close Up of design
mylovelynails09I love the clear transparent look with sweet lovely roses and a subtle hint of pink and colorful glitters. No trace of the previous blue or green glitters. Thanks Lily for doing a great job !


I participated in Bio-Essence 24k Bio-Gold 100 Person “Instantly Younger With Golden Glow” Challenge held at Compass Point Atrium today.
It was buzzing with activity when i arrived. Loads of people were checking out the great promotions that Bio-essence was offering.
bio24keventpromo1I registered and was seated at the 2nd table when a Bio-essence personnel invited me for a skin analysis to see the before and after effect of using Bio-Essence 24k Bio Gold. 3 other ladies and myself who had done the skin analysis were ushered to the facial lounge to await the arrival of celebrities and other VIP guests.
Skin Analysis Before using Bio-essence 24K Gold Series
bio24kevent7bio24kevent5 Anna and Xiao Zhu from Radio Station RM 100.3 hosted the Bio-Essence 24K Bio-Gold event. A Question & Answer segment was held and Bio-Essence 24k Bio Gold Eye Masks were given away to everyone who answered the questions correctly. The Public were encouraged to take part in the ‘Guess the Gold’ in Bio-Essence 24k Bio Gold Series Products. The prize for the winner is a $300 Bio-Essence Hamper.
Aileen Tan, Bio-essence spoke person arrived with Bio-essence founder, Dr Tor Lam Huat . Aileen shared with us her experience with the comprehensive range of Bio-essence Products that she had used during her 6 years as Bio- Essence Spoke person. bio24kevent10 bio24kevent11
Some of Aileen’s favourites are 24k Bio-Gold Series, Radiant Youth Essence, Face Lifting cream, Revitalizing Exfoliator, Celebrities Choice Slimming Products, Bust Firming cream etc.
Dr Tor shared with us his vision of Bio-essence, a company strong in Innovation, Value & Sincerity and his goals to create highly effective products at an affordable pocket friendly prices for everyone to achieve good skin easily.
Dr Tor, Aileen Tan and Guardian Senior Management pressed the crystal ball to kick start the 100 person challenge.
SL, Cass, Sharon and I proceeded to the centre stage to have the Bio-Essence 24k Bio-Gold Facial by Bio-essence therapists using the popular range of Bio-essence products and the new 24k Bio-Gold series. The facial is only done on the left side of our face so we could see the before and after difference.
I didnt manage to take a picture of the facial area and the Bio-essence products used as the camera crew were filming us.
The therapist used the following range of Bio-essence products on us :-
  • Deep Cleansing Milk – A gentle deep cleansing milk to remove all traces of makeup.
  • Skin White Revatalizing Exfoliator - To remove dead skin, refines pores and whitens skin.
  • Deep Cleanser – A soap free cleanser that deeply cleanses the skin & other traces of impurities.
  • Deep Nourishing Toner – To refine pores & balances skin condition to prepare for moisturizing.
  • Radiant Youth Essence – Locked in moisture, keep skin hydrated, revitalized and elastic
  • Face Lifting Cream – Firms sagging skin, reduced aging lines and look younger instantly
After the Exfoilation, i felt that my skin was cleaner, brighter and slightly lifted.
Next is the Bio-Essence 24k Bio-Gold Seriesbio24kevent16
  • 24k Bio-Gold Eye Eye Contour Lifting Serum - Reducing eye bags, firms and lift eye contours
  • 24k Bio Gold Anti- Dark Circles Essence - To prevent dark eye circles, nourishes & firm eye areas
  • 24k Bio- Gold Prefect Brilliance – For Ultimate brightening effects, to achieve radiant golden glow
  • 24k Bio-Gold Age Reverse Clear Cream – Deep penetration to reduce lines & wrinkles on Face & Neck
I felt my skin was firmer, more supple and a more golden glowly radiant me.
The after skin analysis were done and the results are projected to show everyone how effective the Bio-Essence 24k Bio-Gold Products are in achieving instantly younger golden glow skin.
The rest of the 96 ladies had their 24k Bio-Gold facial at the floor by Bio-Essence therapists.
bio24kevent96 bio24kevent0096
All ladies agreed that their skin did feel more supple and radiant and held up their Gold Bio-Essence fan in approval. Oops, i didnt have a pic to show the joyful radiant ladies as the camera crew were filming. Look out for Bio-Essence Advertisement to witness the golden glow girls.
Celebrities gazing at VIP Lounge - Ng Hui, Lin Mei Jiao and Eelyn Kok
bio24kevent16viplounge bio24kevent16aviplounge bioessencemoi bioessencemoi3
Thank you Bio-Essence for the generous lovely door gift of the full range of 24k Bio-Gold Series.

26 June 2009


I attended Dior Hydra Life Private Event held at Tangs Plaza today.
It was an intimate affair with Dior Professional Trainer, Dior Model and 4 ladies. Lovely refreshing lime drink with freshly thinly sliced cucumber and mini quiche and egg tart were served by the friendly Beauty Consultant.
We were given an introduction of Dior Hydra Life, the 1st Pro-Youth Hydration Skincare line from Dior.
diorhydraevent2a diorhydraevent2
There are 3 core products in this line. Mainly, the Hydra Life lotion Essence –In Lotion, Essence-In Moisturizer and Essence-In Eye Cream.
The uniqueness is that Essence is included in the lotion and mosituriser to instantly penetrates the skin for maximum hydration. A true essence created around a concentrate of 3 pure plant extracts, Jisten, Centella and Black Rose from Dior Gardens and infused into 3 different texture. Formulated with the “Essence-In” technology, it instantly penetrates into the heart of the epidermis in order to diffuse its active ingredients at each cellular level. Ideally moisturized, the skin regains the freshness of its youth.diorhydraevent4
Dior Professional Trainer used Dior’s Eau Magique Demaquillante (Cleansing Water)to clean the model’s skin. Its a pure light and transparent cleansing water especially formulated with powerful non-ionic and gentle ingredients to clean the skin effectively without irritation. I tried it on my face and felt refreshed.
diorcleansing water diorhydrlifelotion
After cleansing, he explained he used the Essence-in-Lotion to prepare the skin and to achieve immediate freshness for a more refined, smoother skin texture with revitalized skin tone. Formulated with the “Essence-In” technology, it instantly penetrates into the heart of the epidermis in order to diffuse its active ingredients at each cellular level. Use it daily in the morning and/or evening on the face and neck after cleansing. Our Skin is ready to receive the next steps of the Hydra Life routine for maximum hydration.
To cater for different lifestyle and skin type, Dior have formulated the Hydra life moistuzier in 3 different texture. diorhydrlifessmilk The first is Essence-In Milk, a fluid texture suitable for use in the day or hot and humid seasons and on combination or oily skin. diorhydralifegel
The Second is Essence-In Gel, a refreshing watery and dense texture suitable for use in the evening for oily skin.diorhydralifecreme
The Third is Essence –In Crème, a richer smooth texture suitable for colder environment or for ladies with dry skin.
All 3 Essence-In Moisturizer envelops the skin in a comfortable freshness, delivering a soft, luminous finish, maximum hydration and supple firmer skin.
We should always gently massage after application of skincare products to aid absorption and circulation.
Next he used Hydra Life Eye Cream specially formulated to respect the fragile eye contour area. The Eye Crème reduces puffiness and visibly lightens dark circles to ensure rested and radiant eyes. As mentioned, we should apply with gentle pressure using the fourth finger ideally to optimize the anti-fatigue action.
A Simple 2 Step system with Essence-In formula is all you need for hydrated youthful skin. Thanks Dior for a lovely evening.

25 June 2009


The Kawaii Tokyo Daytime Rescue UV Reflector Block not only block out harmful UV-A and UV-B rays, it also to refines pores and make up to stay longer ! Grab it now at a bargain of $21 for 50ml of product.

22 June 2009


Robinson Expo Sale is here again ! OCBC Robinson Visa Platinum and Robinson Card members enjoy the usual rebates.


18 June 2009


Guerlain 2009 Summer Splash Collection is launched at Takashimaya. The collection consists of 'Ombre Éclat Perles des Mers Palette, 'Ombre Éclat mono in Sable Blanc and Sable Blond, Le 2 de Mascara in Bleu Cruise, Noir Cruise and Brun Cruise colours, Meteorites Illuminating Perfecting Pressed Powder in Nacre des Mers , Terracotta Pearly Shell Illuminating Sun Powder, Terracotta Loose Powder Khol in Lagon Bleu and KissKiss Stick Gloss Extreme Shine in Rose Des Sable, Grenade Des Iles, Corail Des Mers.

guerlain summer guerlain summer01 guerlain summer02 Lovely Gifts with Purchase for $160guerlain summergwp
My favourite item is the Perles des Mers Eye Shadow Palette 405. The teal blue is simply stunning.
Guerlain summer es 405


Club 21 End of Season Sale at all labels !



Massimo Dutti sale ~ Up to 30% off Spring Summer Collection ! massimodutti


Takashimaya is offering card holders 10% off from 25th to 28th June. Great time to stock up if you missed the last sale in May.

16 June 2009


I was shopping at Tangs, my favourite departmental store the other day before my La Prairie facial when i was invited for a candid photo shoot for Tangs Photo Wall Competition.OMG, Im not good at this. Further,i was barefaced as i was going for facial. Im surprised to be shortlisted as a finalist in the Just Me, Solo Features Category !

Tangsphotowall.JUST ME

Simple send an email to promotions@tangs.com.sg with your name, contact number and subject header as ‘Photo Wall’ to vote for your favourite photo. Voting ends Sunday, 28th June 2009.

If you would like to win a $100 Tangs Shopping Voucher, Do Vote for Me !

Email : promotions@tangs.com.sg

Subject : Photo Wall

VOTE :   B4 ~ Just Me, Solo Features Category

Your Name and Contact Number

Thank so much for your support ! Cheers !


Loving my new gel nails extension done by Lily at PureColor Studio, i went back for a classic pedicure today. My feet are soaked in a warm foot spa which softens my skin and relaxes my feet. My nails are nicely trimmed , shaped and includes cuticle care, corning of rough skin and exfoliation.
I enjoyed the relaxing foot massage and I decided to chose a 2 tone shimmery silver bling shade with crystals as it will go look perfect with any heels !
Im a happy gal now !


Juicy Couture is holding their first ever Viva La Sale in Singapore


Mango Sale starts tomorrow at all Mango stores ! Up to 50% off !

mango sale


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