26 June 2009


I attended Dior Hydra Life Private Event held at Tangs Plaza today.
It was an intimate affair with Dior Professional Trainer, Dior Model and 4 ladies. Lovely refreshing lime drink with freshly thinly sliced cucumber and mini quiche and egg tart were served by the friendly Beauty Consultant.
We were given an introduction of Dior Hydra Life, the 1st Pro-Youth Hydration Skincare line from Dior.
diorhydraevent2a diorhydraevent2
There are 3 core products in this line. Mainly, the Hydra Life lotion Essence –In Lotion, Essence-In Moisturizer and Essence-In Eye Cream.
The uniqueness is that Essence is included in the lotion and mosituriser to instantly penetrates the skin for maximum hydration. A true essence created around a concentrate of 3 pure plant extracts, Jisten, Centella and Black Rose from Dior Gardens and infused into 3 different texture. Formulated with the “Essence-In” technology, it instantly penetrates into the heart of the epidermis in order to diffuse its active ingredients at each cellular level. Ideally moisturized, the skin regains the freshness of its youth.diorhydraevent4
Dior Professional Trainer used Dior’s Eau Magique Demaquillante (Cleansing Water)to clean the model’s skin. Its a pure light and transparent cleansing water especially formulated with powerful non-ionic and gentle ingredients to clean the skin effectively without irritation. I tried it on my face and felt refreshed.
diorcleansing water diorhydrlifelotion
After cleansing, he explained he used the Essence-in-Lotion to prepare the skin and to achieve immediate freshness for a more refined, smoother skin texture with revitalized skin tone. Formulated with the “Essence-In” technology, it instantly penetrates into the heart of the epidermis in order to diffuse its active ingredients at each cellular level. Use it daily in the morning and/or evening on the face and neck after cleansing. Our Skin is ready to receive the next steps of the Hydra Life routine for maximum hydration.
To cater for different lifestyle and skin type, Dior have formulated the Hydra life moistuzier in 3 different texture. diorhydrlifessmilk The first is Essence-In Milk, a fluid texture suitable for use in the day or hot and humid seasons and on combination or oily skin. diorhydralifegel
The Second is Essence-In Gel, a refreshing watery and dense texture suitable for use in the evening for oily skin.diorhydralifecreme
The Third is Essence –In Crème, a richer smooth texture suitable for colder environment or for ladies with dry skin.
All 3 Essence-In Moisturizer envelops the skin in a comfortable freshness, delivering a soft, luminous finish, maximum hydration and supple firmer skin.
We should always gently massage after application of skincare products to aid absorption and circulation.
Next he used Hydra Life Eye Cream specially formulated to respect the fragile eye contour area. The Eye Crème reduces puffiness and visibly lightens dark circles to ensure rested and radiant eyes. As mentioned, we should apply with gentle pressure using the fourth finger ideally to optimize the anti-fatigue action.
A Simple 2 Step system with Essence-In formula is all you need for hydrated youthful skin. Thanks Dior for a lovely evening.


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