28 June 2009


Its almost 3 weeks since i had my first gel extension manicure at PureColor Studio. My nails are still looking great and as good as new, except for a slight in growth near the cuticles. However, i am thinking of a new colour so i made an appointment with Lily at PureColor Studio.
I am not sure if i should just touch up on the in growth or to change colours entirely. My friend was telling that if the top gel layer is removed, its very painful and she practically screamed in pain when her manicurist done it for her. OMG ! I hope its isn't true.
The junior manicurist greeted me warmly and served me my hot tea. Lily greeted me with a cheerful smile and explained to me in detail if i were to change the colour of my gel extension. She would need to file off the top gel layer and i might experience a very slight tingling sensation. For hygienic practice, Lily wore a mask and also help me to wear one. This is because the filing movement would produce tiny dust particles.
Firstly, Lily gently removed the 3D flowers nail art. Then she gently file off the crystals and the blue green glitters on the top gel layer. Lily was really meticulous and i only experience slight tingling sensation on 3 nails. Phew ! Nothing like the horror stories my friend mentioned. Her manicurist is not skillful i think if she experienced excuriating pain when removing her gel nails. Lucky Lily is great as i only experience slight sensations on certain nails!
After cleaning my nails and conditioning the cuticles, Lily begin to work on my new colour. She added a light pink polish and some very fine pink & colorful glitters as the base colour. I wanted an elegant and ladylike design so Lily drew lovely roses and added pink crystals. As the pink crystals are tiny, Lily applied gel over my nails so it would last longer and can withstand daily chores.
Close Up of design
mylovelynails09I love the clear transparent look with sweet lovely roses and a subtle hint of pink and colorful glitters. No trace of the previous blue or green glitters. Thanks Lily for doing a great job !


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