01 June 2009


I am getting bored of my straight hair. I mean, i had a great haircut recently and still loving it. But all my friends had done rebonding, digital perm, japanese perm, creative perm, spa perm, colouring, highlights etc. Makes me feel that its time for a change. Feel like going for a perm too as i want a romantic wavy look. 

However, I don’t want something too drastic as i have never done anything to my hair, except giving it a cut. No colouring, No highlights, No rebonding or Perming before. Im kinda afraid that any form of chemicals might damage my hair. But i would like a change in my hair style. Any ideas ?

I decide to book Lucus from PureColor Studio to seek his advice on perming. I told him that I wanted something natural, wavy and not too curly and most importantly wont be damaging to my hair. He sugguested Creative Perm that would be less damaging to my hair and more natural wavy look. Sounds good !

Lucus gave my hair a fantastic cut. This is essential as this would affect the style of the perm. Lucus then meticulously curled my hair and gave it more volume and bounce. Fresh fruits and tea were served and i enjoyed my little snack while reading the latest fashion magazines.

Time to wash my hair, the junior stylist gave me a lovely head and shoulder massage again. After drying my hair, Lucus came over.

Lucus simply blow dry my hair and Wow ! Great natural, lovely wavy curls ! Exactly the way i like it ! Lucus also share with me some advice on how to care for perm hair to keep it looking great and healthy . Thanks for the tips Lucus !

I Love my new perm !


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