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30 November 2010


At KOSE sale today, I purchased Cosme Decorte AQ Face Colours, Pure Grace Eyeshadows and liquid eyeliners, Beaute De Kose Eye Colour Classure Eyeshadows and Rouge Fantasist Aqua Vinyl Lip color, Esprique Precious Symphonic Fit Eyeshadows and Dress On Glossy Rouge lip gloss.

Kose Sale Haul - eyeshadows, liquid eyeliners and lip gloss

COSME DECORTE AQ Face Colours and Pure Grace Eyeshadows (S$40/S$30). These were much cheaper now compared to the last sale at S$50 and S$39. Love the elegant packaging.

Cosme Decorte AQ makeup eyeshadows and liquid eye linersCosme Decorte AQ Face Colours, Pure Grace Eyeshadow

COSME DECORTE AQ Eyeshadows were the discontinued range as a new AQ line was launched last September. The retail price was S$97 previously but now its only S$30 ! Some of the colours i purchased were the last 2 piece. Great for collection. There were also Cosme Decorte AQ lipsticks but at S$39 i skipped them as they look rather dark in the tubes.

Cosme Decorte AQ EyeshadowsCosme Decorte AQ Pure Grace Eyeshadows

COSME DECORTE AQ Face Colours are the last available pieces i purchased except for OR200. There are also a couple of refills at S$20. Cosme Decorte AQ Liquid Eye liners are only S$22. I bought blue and brown. Black colour was sold out. Another great bargain as the face colours retails at S$112 previously and the liquid eyeliner at S73.

Cosme Decorte AQ Face Colours Blusher and highlightersCosme Decorte AQ Liquid Eyeliners

BEAUTE DE KOSE Colour Classure Eyeshadows and Rouge Fantasist Aqua Vinyl Lip color. The eyeshadows are super silky ! Another favourite and i bought 2 of BDK famous Rouge Fantasist.

Beaute De Kose Fantasist Aqua Vinyl Lip colour & eyeshadowsBeaute De Kose Eye Colour Classure Eyeshadows  and Rouge Fantasist Aqua Vinyl Lip color

ESPRIQUE PRECIOUS EYESHADOWS SYMPHONIC and DRESS ON GLOSSY ROUGE (S$28/S$15 each). These are the latest range from Esprique Precious and totally worth it as retail price is S$54/S$35 !
Esprique Precious Symphonic Fit Eyeshadows and Dress On Glossy Rouge lip gloss Esprique Precious Symphonic Fit Eyeshadow F2Esprique Precious Symphonic Fit Eyeshadow F4

There are lots of base makeup, foundation, 2 way cake, even the latest Kose Supreme Snow powder across the Kose, Cosme Decorte AQ, BDK and Esprique Precious lines from S$20 to S$45 for refill and S$8 to S$22 for the casing, foundation S$20 to S$50, makeup base from S$16 to S$40. Lots of skincare, masks etc at 60% at least. Most of the makeup are 60% to 70% off.

FASIO products are in another room on the right with some GWP bags at S$5. Lots of Fasio eyeshadows from S$11-$13. Most are 50% off retail prices. Lipsticks & Lipgloss are S$6/S$8/S$10. Blushers are S$5 to S$13, foundation & 2 way cake S$10 i think, nail polish S$2, Mascara S$8, sunblock S$11/$13.

Fasio Skincare :- Masks S$5, facial wash S$5, toner $9, Eye cream S$9, Moisturizer S$9, Facial Mist S$5, Makeup wipes S$5. Mascara & makeup remover bundle S$13. Point Makeup removers S$5 are a great bargain and brilliant for removing Fasio Mascaras.


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24 November 2010


Enjoy up to 70% OFF on Kose, Cosme Decorte, Beaute de Kose, Esprique Precious, Whitist and Fasio at Kose Family Sale on 29th & 30th November (Monday & Tuesday) at Kose Office Premise. Only cash & nets are accepted. Happy Hauling ! Check out my previous KOSE SALE HAUL .

kose sale

16 September 2010


Popby L'Oreal Private Sale at Concorde Hotel yesterday. My main reason for going is that Yves Saint Laurent is available although i had purchased loads of back ups as i adore the elegant gold packaging. I  usually purchase Lancôme, Biotherm or Kiehl’s while travelling or at the departmental store counters as the items i love are the Best Sellers which you can never find during sale.

There were great bargains at Lancôme Beauty where Rouge Absolu, Color Fever gloss, Juicy Tubes are only S$20 each, Limited Edition Spring 2010 Lancome O My Rose blushers at $25, Eye shadows Mono, Duo and Quad from $10 to $35, foundation at $35, Mascaras at S$30 and even last autumn Declaring Indigo Nail Lacquer in Golden Audacity at S$10  which were so tempting but my friend reminded me of my Paul & Joe, Givenchy, Kose, Cle de Peau Beaute , Maquillage and Majolica Majorca Hauls in the past few months.

YSL Eyeshadow,Shu Uemura Makeup mouse, Paint Gel Liner, Keratase Hair Mask

As usual, YSL was the first brand you would see when you enter the function room. There were plenty of lipsticks, golden gloss, Touché brilliant gloss, nail lacquers, eyeshadows, mascaras, eyeliners, powder foundation with prices from S$20 to S$35, which were so such a steal as a quad is already S$83 usually but my friend reminded me of my drawers of unused YSL backups. Most of my YSL eyeshadows are neutrals so i purchased YSL quad in Absinthe Green.

Mini purchase from L’Oreal Private Sale:-
YSL Eyeshadow,Shu Uemura Makeup mouse, Paint Gel LinerYSL Eyeshadow,Shu Uemura Makeup mouse, Paint Gel Liner in TurquoiseYSL 4 colour harmony Eyeshadow Absinthe GreenSHu Uemura Painting Liner in Turquoise

Only at Shu Uemura i saw 3 best sellers – Cleansing Oil (Original), UV Under Base Mousse and Limited Edition Fake Eyelashes. There were a good mix of eyeshadows, gel liners, drawing pencils, lipstick, lipgloss and selected foundation, powders and skincare from S$14 to S$90. I purchased UV Under Base and last autumn Limited Edition Primaltribe Collection Painting Gel Liner in Turquoise X 2 as back ups as its fabulous. I was also tempted by Citrine and Spinel which was a bright yellow and hot pink to complete the Primaltribe  Gel liner collection but i would probably reach for it least or not at all.

Keratase Hair Mask Reflect, Serum Leave in, Olex Curl
Purchased 10 sample size Kérastase which were going at S$20. At S$2 a sample, its really value for money. I didn't stock up on this as i still have the complete range of full size products but this would be great for travelling.

05 August 2010


I have not been going to Prestige Warehouse Sale for a while, the last visit was in 2008 which i spent $1.6k hauling mostly perfumes together with Givenchy and Paul & Joe Makeup and a nice staff helped me to carry my goodies to the main road to take a cab. I must say the prices this year is much cheaper compared to 2008 as some of the perfume i bought are now $29-$49 compared to $69-$79. Makeup and Skincare prices were about a couple of dollars cheaper now. As i still have lots of perfume from the previous sale, i hauled from the cheaper range on offer mainly Banana Republic, Gap and Mango to be used as air freshener as i dont fancy the smell of commercial ones.

Paul & Joe, Givenchy, Gap, Banana Republic, Mango haul

For Paul & Joe, i purchased my favourite Treatment Peel Off Mask, Body Mask, Sparkles Collection Lipstick 065, Limited Edition Powder, Cat Vanity Case and Nail & Hand Care Kit. I also purchased Givenchy Blanc Parfait W4-L Masque Noir as there was only 1 box left and Givenchy Couture Makeup Palette Eyelet Edition.

Paul & joe and Givenchy Sale haulPaul & Joe Beaute and Givenchy

I love Paul & Joe Treatment Peel-Off Mask with the signature Orange & Flora Scent and its leaves my skin so clean and silky smooth ! The fantastic thing is that this is a rather new product range from Paul & Joe and its still retailing at the counter at S$66, now its at an amazing price of S$20 !!! Its like getting 3 products for the price of 1 ! The Body Mask retails at S$63 so S$20 is an absolute steal too as its 200ml. Paul & Joe is the only counter brand that have a full body range that includes Body Mask. Love the refreshing orange, honeysuckle and floral scent and you definitely wont regret getting these 2 star products !
Paul & Joe Facial Masks and Body Masks

I only bought 1 Paul & Joe Lipstick as i have loads of lipsticks. This is from the Sparkles Collection #065, its a very pretty mauve pink and now only S$10 instead of S$39 when it was launched at the counter last year !
Paul & Joe Sparkles Collection lipstick 065

Paul & Joe Nail and Hand Cream Set is a gorgeous set that includes a nail protection coat that you can use as both top or base coat, a lovely handcream and a pair of butterfly motif gloves complete with a butterfly metal tin. Retailing at S$68, this is only S$30 a set so i bought 2.
Paul & Joe Hand Care SetPaul & Joe Hand Cream and Nail Base CoatPaul & Joe Hand Care Paul & Joe Gloves

Cat Vanity Case – i love to collect bags and pouches so i bought another 2 to store my Paul & Joe Makeup. The counter retail price was S$60 which is a bit steep for a vanity case but hey its S$25 now!
Paul & Joe Cat Vanity Case

Givenchy Blanc Parfait W4-L Masque Noir and Givenchy Couture Makeup Palette Eyelet Edition
Givenchy Black Mask and Limited edition eyelet makeup setGivenchy Black Mask and Limited edition eyelet set
Givenchy Couture Makeup Palette All-In –One pouch includes Prisme Again ! Face Powder in Elegant beige, Prisme Again Eyes Purple Couture, Eye Fly in Black 11 and Pop Gloss Crystal in Rose Couture. Pretty practical colour kit, great for travelling or on the go.
Givenchy Christmas Set 08 Givenchy Limited edition eyelet set
Paul & Joe Fragrances, Mango, Banana Republic and Gap Perfumes.
Prestige Sale Perfume
My favourite perfume purchase was Paul & Joe Set from Christmas 2009 collection. It consists of a solid perfume, fragranced body lotion and fragranced body powder in a  pretty purple drawstring pouch.
                  Paul & Joe  fragrances setsPaul & Joe perfumePaul & Joe christmas 2009 perfume setPaul & Joe christmas 2009 perfume set with solid perfume, body lotion and powder
Banana Republic and Gap Perfumes
 Banana Republic and Gap perfumesGap Perfume
Banana Republic fragrances in Rosewood, Malachite and Black Walnut.
Banana Republic PerfumesBanana Republic perfume

I would say its worth making a trip down for the warehouse sale as the perfumes are really really cheap. Compared to previous sales, its much more organized as Prestige now provides shopping baskets so its easier to shop around. A few huge fans were installed for better ventilation. Makeup and skincare, you need to queue and the staff will put your purchases in a ziplock bag and give you a number tag. While you are in the queue approaching the cashier, a Prestige staff will comeby and ask for your tag and give your shopping to double check before payment. Only grouse perhaps is there is only 2 cashier so you might have to wait some time to make payment during the peak hours. I went in the afternoon so it was a breeze to make payment. Enjoy hauling !

08 July 2010


TOPSHOP MAKEUP ARRIVED at TOPSHOP ION Orchard Singapore ! Besides London, which is the homeground for TOPSHOP, only 3 other cities around the world - New York, Dubai and Singapore carry the amazing hot makeup line. The whole product range is made in Italy!
Topshop Makeup in SingaporeTopshop Makeup at ION in Singapore Topshop SS 2010 CollectionTopshop Makeup 2010Topshop Makeup Singapore ION
The products are very reasonably priced from S$9 to S$23, almost on par with London price or perhaps even slightly cheaper as there is a 10% off with minimum $60 purchase with Topshop Fashion Fast Forward Card holders or Mastercard holders! What’s more receive a TOPSHOP Makeup Eco Tote Bag FREE with S$60 purchase at TOPSHOP with minimum purchase of 1 make up item !
Topshop Makeup in Singapore !
What are my favourites ? Blushers & Crayons ! I think they are a MUST Have! Extremely worth it as its only S$13 and Made in Italy !

  • Skin Glow $23, Skin Tint $23

  • Brighten Up $16

  • Kohl Pencil $9 , Crayon Pencil $13, Crayon Stick (similar to M.A.C. Shadestick in Sun Shower & Moon Light ) $16  ~ MY FAVOURITE !

  • Liquid Liner (Black, Non-waterproof) $13

  • Eye Duo $13, Eye Trio $23, Mascara $19

  • Cream blush to Powder $13 ~ Another FAVOURITE !

  • Lip and Cheek $13 , Lip Balm $9 , Lip Polish $13

  • Lip Gloss $13, Lip Glaze $13, Lip Stick $19

  • Bronzer $19

  • Nail Lacquer $13

  • More on my TOPSHOP Makeup Mini-Haul & Pictures of the collection in a bit ! The picture below is a collective haul with 2 friends. Stay tuned !

    30 June 2010


    I popby Kose Family Sale and purchased mainly Beaute de Kose products as its discontinued in Singapore and Esprique Precious, the latest addition to Kose Singapore and one Fasio Nail Lacquer.
    Beaute de Kose, Esperique precious and fasio mini haul
    An extensive range of Cosme Decorte Products and Beaute de Kose from skincare to makeup were available. Almost the full range of Esprique Precious which was launched only last August were on sale. As the stocks were rather new including the latest Limited Edition Single Eyeshadows, the discounts varies but are at least 30% off so still a good buy compared to departmental stores discounts. Most of the products i purchased have a long shelf life till 2014/2015 !
    Esperique precious christmas sets, single eye shadows, nails.
    Esprique Precious Base Make up
    Dramatical Veil Liquid $41 (UP $59), Mat Veil $23 (UP$35), Dramatical Stay Pact UV EX and Dramatical Stay Base UX Ex etc
    Esprique Precious Point Make up
    True Impact Eyes Palettes (T1 to T6) $38 (UP $54), Single Eye shadow $10 (UP $14), Glamorous Glossy Eyes $27 (UP $39), Dress on Glossy Rouge $27 (UP $35), Blusher OR200, BR300 and PK800 $20, Case $10, Cuticle Oil $10 (UP $14).
    Esprique Precious Illuminate Fantasy Collection Christmas 2009 Set $24 (UP$48)
    Beaute de Kose
    Beaute de Kose eye shadow
    Eye Shadow Set 4 colors – E1,E2,E3,E4,E5,E6,E12,E17,E18,E22 $29 (UP$72)
    Eye Color Classure A-1,A-2,A-3, A-4, A-5, A-6, A-7 and A-8 $34 (UP$80)
    Rouge Fantasist $11 – 3 Colors left, Eye Fantasist $15 only 1 colour - Blue Wonder
    Loads of Skincare from Beaute de Kose and Cosme Decorte. Fasio Full range available. Discounts from 30%. GWP bags are on sale at $5 and $8.
    30th June is the last day of the sale and it ends at 6.30pm, only cash and nets are accepted.


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