30 November 2010


At KOSE sale today, I purchased Cosme Decorte AQ Face Colours, Pure Grace Eyeshadows and liquid eyeliners, Beaute De Kose Eye Colour Classure Eyeshadows and Rouge Fantasist Aqua Vinyl Lip color, Esprique Precious Symphonic Fit Eyeshadows and Dress On Glossy Rouge lip gloss.

Kose Sale Haul - eyeshadows, liquid eyeliners and lip gloss

COSME DECORTE AQ Face Colours and Pure Grace Eyeshadows (S$40/S$30). These were much cheaper now compared to the last sale at S$50 and S$39. Love the elegant packaging.

Cosme Decorte AQ makeup eyeshadows and liquid eye linersCosme Decorte AQ Face Colours, Pure Grace Eyeshadow

COSME DECORTE AQ Eyeshadows were the discontinued range as a new AQ line was launched last September. The retail price was S$97 previously but now its only S$30 ! Some of the colours i purchased were the last 2 piece. Great for collection. There were also Cosme Decorte AQ lipsticks but at S$39 i skipped them as they look rather dark in the tubes.

Cosme Decorte AQ EyeshadowsCosme Decorte AQ Pure Grace Eyeshadows

COSME DECORTE AQ Face Colours are the last available pieces i purchased except for OR200. There are also a couple of refills at S$20. Cosme Decorte AQ Liquid Eye liners are only S$22. I bought blue and brown. Black colour was sold out. Another great bargain as the face colours retails at S$112 previously and the liquid eyeliner at S73.

Cosme Decorte AQ Face Colours Blusher and highlightersCosme Decorte AQ Liquid Eyeliners

BEAUTE DE KOSE Colour Classure Eyeshadows and Rouge Fantasist Aqua Vinyl Lip color. The eyeshadows are super silky ! Another favourite and i bought 2 of BDK famous Rouge Fantasist.

Beaute De Kose Fantasist Aqua Vinyl Lip colour & eyeshadowsBeaute De Kose Eye Colour Classure Eyeshadows  and Rouge Fantasist Aqua Vinyl Lip color

ESPRIQUE PRECIOUS EYESHADOWS SYMPHONIC and DRESS ON GLOSSY ROUGE (S$28/S$15 each). These are the latest range from Esprique Precious and totally worth it as retail price is S$54/S$35 !
Esprique Precious Symphonic Fit Eyeshadows and Dress On Glossy Rouge lip gloss Esprique Precious Symphonic Fit Eyeshadow F2Esprique Precious Symphonic Fit Eyeshadow F4

There are lots of base makeup, foundation, 2 way cake, even the latest Kose Supreme Snow powder across the Kose, Cosme Decorte AQ, BDK and Esprique Precious lines from S$20 to S$45 for refill and S$8 to S$22 for the casing, foundation S$20 to S$50, makeup base from S$16 to S$40. Lots of skincare, masks etc at 60% at least. Most of the makeup are 60% to 70% off.

FASIO products are in another room on the right with some GWP bags at S$5. Lots of Fasio eyeshadows from S$11-$13. Most are 50% off retail prices. Lipsticks & Lipgloss are S$6/S$8/S$10. Blushers are S$5 to S$13, foundation & 2 way cake S$10 i think, nail polish S$2, Mascara S$8, sunblock S$11/$13.

Fasio Skincare :- Masks S$5, facial wash S$5, toner $9, Eye cream S$9, Moisturizer S$9, Facial Mist S$5, Makeup wipes S$5. Mascara & makeup remover bundle S$13. Point Makeup removers S$5 are a great bargain and brilliant for removing Fasio Mascaras.


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