02 November 2010


DOVE HAIR CARE  launches Dove Damage Therapy System Intense Repair Range for damaged hair. An innovative and high performance formula that contains new Patented Fibre Active Technologies and Mico Moisture Serums, Dove Damage Therapy promises to penetrate into hair fibres, repair hair’s damaged surface and within to effectively restructure and restore hair from inside out to achieve softer, smoother, shinier and stronger healthy hair.

Dove damage Therapy Sysytem Intense Repair Hair Care

Dove Damage Therapy dual action technology protects hair from future damage from the inside out, leaving hair 5 times stronger and resilient to future damage without weighing it down.The product range are especially formulated for Asian Hair and are manufactured in Thailand. Similarly, there is a specific formula for USA and European market.

Dove Damage Therapy Intense Repair consists of :-
  • Dove Daily Shampoo S$7.70/375ml , S$11.70/700ml
  • Dove Daily Conditioner S$7.70/375ml , S$11.70/700ml
  • Dove Daily Treatment Conditioner
  • Dove Deep Repair Treatment Mask S$10.90/200ml
  • Dove Overnight Treatment S$12.90/120ml
There are 4 other variant of Dove Damage Therapy System to cater for specific damage needs of your hair

DOVE Hair Fall Rescue Damage Therapy
  • Patented Micro Moisture Serum actively repairs weakened hair surface
  • Smoothening lifted cuticles
  • Strengthened hair from root to tip
  • Gentle on scalp
  • Leaves hair beautifully strong wit up to 98% less hair fall
  • Range include Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment Mask and Serum
DOVE Damage Therapy Straight and Silky
  • Patented Micro Mositure Serum nourishes hair
  • Repair damaged cuticles
  • Hair is straighter and more manageable
  • Range include Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment Mask and Leave-On Cream
DOVE Damage Therapy Dryness
  • Patented Micro Moisture Serum to effectively nourish hair
  • Achieve exceptionally soft and smooth hair in just 1 wash
  • Moisturizes hair without weighing it down
  • Range include Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Patented Micro Moisture Serum to maintain hair’s natural balance
  • Restore hair surface to leave a luminous shine and gloss
  • Suitable for normal hair that just needs protection against daily damage
  • Range include Shampoo and Conditioner
Experience Dove Advanced Damage Diagnostic Tool to discover your hair damage quotient in seconds. The first in the world, this new hand held device combines the accuracy of laboratory tests and the ease of measuring hair anywhere,anytime for women to take the Dove Damage Test, helping you pick the right products to deal with your own level of damage. The results of the tests will be used to research the level of hair damage experienced by women everywhere, helping DOVE create a global damage map which we can all learn from.
Dove Diagonstic Tool

DOVE Hair Care Bloggers Preview was held at Lantern, The Fullerton Bay Hotel. Despite my numerous visits to Lantern, I am always mesmerized by the panoramic Stunning Singapore Skyline.

Lantern, The Fullerton Bay HotelCocktails -Lantern at Fullerton BayMarina Bay Sands NightSingapore City Skyline

The evening started off with an introduction of DOVE Damage Therapy System Intense Repair Range for damaged hair. We also had the opportunity to preview the Dove Advanced Damage Diagnostic Tool which will be available at selected stores for hair analysis. The damage quotient for hair is from 1 to 9, with an average score at 7 for highlighted, colour treated, permed and rebonded hair. The lower your score, the healthier your hair is!

       Dove Diagnostic ToolDove damage Therapy Sysytem Intense Repair Hair Care Range 
The New DOVE Damaged Therapy Intense Repair Range is available at all leading supermarkets and personal care stores.


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