24 November 2010


SK-II Facial Essence Christmas Tree was lit up at the launch of SK-II Clear For Life Project with SK-II Brand Ambassador and International Supermodel, QiQi, Singapore ‘Queen of Caldecott’ Zoe Tay, Senior management of SK-II and World Vision at Tangs Orchard Singapore.

SK-II Signature product – Facial Treatment Essence known affectionately as Miracle Water where Pitera, a naturally-derived liquid from yeast fermentation process helped millions of women around the world to achieve crystal clear skin is aptly chosen as the product for SK-II Live Clear.
SK-II Facial Treatment Essence  Christmas Tree Light up

                                SK-II Star
                                   Zoe Tay SK-II Tangs ChristmasSK-II Facial Treatment Essence Christmas Tree Light

20,000 bottles of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence were used to create the SK-II Christmas Tree on top of SK-II Promotional area at Tangs Plaza Promenade, representing the 200,000 litres of clear drinkable water pledged by SK-II’s Clear for Life project to add women and communities across Asia in need.

The smaller SK-II Christmas Tree in the SK-II Promotional area represents 100,000 litres of water pledged by QiQi personally for SK-II Clear for Life Project. Having witness challenges of not having access to drinking water in disaster-stricken areas in China, QiQi truly understand how precious and essential water is and would be making a trip to a community in Asia next year to present her donation to the those in need on behalf of SK-II Clear for Life Project.

SKII Crystal clear skin
SK II Facial Essence Christmas Tree at Tangs Orchard

SK-II Clear for life project is aimed at bringing clarity to women’s skin and lives and bring a brighter future to those in need. Working in partnership with Procter & Gamble’s Children’s safe drinking water program and World Vision (Singapore), SK-II life-enabling effort leverages on providing clean water through the distribution of PUR sachets, a powdered mixture that acts as a ‘dirt magnet’ and purify water, creating drinkable water in just 30 minutes. PUR sachets is extremely useful in remote areas that lack basic sanitation and reliable water infrastructure.

QiQi , SK-II management and World Vision Executive Director poured water into the Star with PUR sachets to signify the purifying water process of SK-II Clear for Life Project.                  

SK-II Live ClearSK-II Clear StarSK-II StarSK-II Qiqi Christmas 

This is QiQi 4th visit to Singapore as SK-II ambassador, the last visit was in 2007 with her husband, Hong Kong actor Simon Yam who also uses SK-II products. Standing at 1.8m, Qiqi is the tallest celebrity model i have met and an absolute stunner. Beautiful chiseled features and crystal clear flawless glowing skin, you cant help but wonder how one look so exceeding gorgeous in her late 40s. The secret ? SK-II Facial Essence, SK-II Masks, drink plenty of water, have a balanced diet of fresh fruits, vegetables and protein and 8 hours of sleep. I would say good genes plays a part too.

                   SK-II QiQi
Qiqi & BeauteRunway

Cheers SK-II for the warm hospitality. I Love my photos with gorgeous QiQi and my autographed Press Kit. QiQi.

QiQi also met SK-II fans at a Meet & Greet session at Tangs SK-II counter. Qiqi presented an autographed SK-II Facial Treatment Essence 250ml to the top 5 loyal SK-II and shared her experience as an SK-II user and her favourite SK-II products.

 SK-II skincareQiQi meets SK-II fans

SK-II started a five week campaign to raise clear, purified water for World Vision before Christmas. For every purchase of the SK-II Festive set from Tangs Orchard, SK-II will donate 30 litres of water and for purchases of S$1000 including a Festive set, SKII will donate 3,000 litres. From 16th to 25th November, SK-II will be giving away free bottles of water to consumers at Tangs Orchard to create awareness for SK-II Clear for Life Project and as a reminder to treasure this precious gift of nature.

SK II Clear for life projectSK-II Clear for life light up

SK-II Clear for Life project aim to raise 3 million litres of clear purified water its inaugural year in Singapore for women in Asia to empower their communities.

With minimum purchase of S$380, receive an exclusive SK-II best seller set. Check out the SK-II Festive value sets at Tangs Orchard, enjoy special pampering treats and help others at the same time. See you there !

 Skii aura piteria setSK-II value set


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