03 November 2010


VICHY Normaderm Challenge Phrase 1 have come to an end and my busy challenger was ranked No. 2 among the 10 challengers throughout.
I am very happy and grateful to know that my dearest readers have very strongly supported this challenge, almost singlehandedly casted more than a thousand votes for me in a short span of 2 weeks. Even though my laptop was down for 6 days and my last Vichy Entry was more than a week ago, my dearest supporters remembered the challenge and continued to vote every other day for my busy challenger who didnt have time to rally for votes.
vichy challenge
I am sorry to disappoint you and announce that due to my challenger’s hectic work schedule and overseas commitments, she is unable to continue the Vichy Challenge Phrase 2 although the total votes at 1062 was 2nd highest among the 10 challengers, guaranteeing her a spot for Vichy Phrase 2.
Once again, i would like to thank everyone who have supported this Vichy Challenge faithfully and look forward to your continuous support . Do Join Vichy Fan Page if you have not as Vichy would need your details if you happen to be the winner of Vichy Hamper for Phase 1. Have a great weekend !


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