11 June 2009


I chanced upon manicure and pedicure service at PureColor Studio when i permed my hair. The manicurist was doing a lovely set of bridal nails. Looks really beautiful ! I made a mental note to book an appointment at PureColor Studio when i want a manicure.
My nails are rather short as i have the habit of trimming them abit too regularly. I always envied ladies with long lovely finger nails as they would look super pretty with nail art and have a wider variety of choice of designs.
Hence I decide to go for gel or acrylic extension so i could have lovely long nails.I made an appointment with Lily, the instructor and leading manicurist at Pure Color Studio.
Lily is a very friendly and knowledgeable manicurist. I know nuts about manicure and Lily patiently explained to me the difference in gel and acrylic extension.
Gel Extension are ideal for those wishing to protect their own nails whilst growing them. They are brilliant for weak / brittle nails or for a special occasion.The nails feel remarkably natural and are less damaging to your own nails than acrylic but are just as durable and longer lasting.
Gel Extension helps to create permanent shiny incredibly transparent natural looking nails without the odour or air borne dust of acrylic extensions.
Layers of soft gel are brushed onto your natural nail and tip which is then hardened under a UV light to form a hard casing, ensuring long lasting beautiful natural looking nails. Little buffing is needed as the gel is self leveling.
Best of all, there are no chemicals involved in the process.
Gel extension wins hands down !
Before Gel extension
After Gel Extension with Manicure
Close up on the flora nail art
Pretty isnt it ? Its incredibly shiny transparent natural looking! I am loving my new nails ! Thanks Lily !


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