05 July 2010


I attended Benefit ‘Putting the WOW into Your Brows” event at Sephora  ION Orchard last week. The highlight of the event was meeting the hot BENEFIT Brow Babes - Maki Ho & Wing Wu who had especially flown in from Hong Kong for the event!

Benefit Wow your Brows at Sephora Ion OrchardBenefit Wow your Brows at Sephora Ion Orchard !Benefit Brow Experts Maki Ho & Wing WuBenefit Wow your Brows at Sephora Ion Orchard with Maki Ho, Wing Wu Beaute Runway
To create perfect brows, you would need BENEFIT Brow Products !  As i had my brows waxed a couple of days before at another beauty event, i declined Maki’s invitation to have my brow waxed although there were a couple of stray hairs.
Benefit Brow Bar at Sehora Ion Orchard SingaporeBenefit Brow Bar Brow Kit at Sehora Ion Orchard Singapore
Maki explained she would be using Benefit brows a-go-go (S$73) which is a Brow and Eye shaping Kit which contains the following :-
  • brow zings powder in light
  • brow zings powder in dark
  • brow zings wax
  • smokin' liner
  • eye bright
  • brow highlighter powder
  • mini tweezers
  • hard angle/talent brush
  • step-by-step lesson
Benefit a-go-go brow and eye shaping kitMaki first used a pencil to analysis the starting and ending point of my brows before using BENEFIT Brow a-go-go to work her magic on my brows.
Benefit Wow my Brow 2Benefit Wow my Brow! 3
Maki used high BROW to highlight on my brow bone to finish the Benefit Brow Look. I love how natural it looks !
Benefit Wow my Brow !Benefit Wow my Brows !
Maki & Wing were extremely jovial and shared with us how to create the Perfect Brow. Here are some Benefit products to WOW your Brows !
Benefit Brow EssentialsBenefit High Brow, Instant Brow Pencils Benefit Brow Zing

  • Instant Brow Pencil (Available in 3 shades) – Soft pencil that leaves a powder like finish.

  • Brow Zings (Available in 3 shades) - Pigmented wax for shaping & natural-shaded powder for setting

  • High Brow – Soft Matt Pink Pink to lift your eye area instantly

  • Speed Brow – Quick Set Brow Gel to tint, tame and set your brows
Benefit Brow Bar are at Sephora ION Orchard and Tangs Orchard. Check out the affordable prices and give them a buzz at 6509 8254  and 62355935 respectively.
Brow arch - $22
brow & lip - $ 31
chin & lip - $25
chin - $17
lip - $16
brow arch "buy 3 get 1 free" package - $65
brow arch "buy 5 get 2 free" package - $110
brow + lip "buy 3 get 1 free" package - $93
brow + lip "buy 5 get 2 free" package - $155


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