05 July 2010


I was invited to The Body Shop Summer Trends 2010 collection exclusive preview last week. The intimate preview started with an introduction of Baked To Last Eye Shadows, Baked To Last Bronzers, Baked To Last Blushers, Delipscious Lip Sheer Colours , Delipscious Tinted Lip Balms and Big and Curvy Mascara.
the body shop baked to last eyeshadows, blushers and bronzers collection The body shop baked to last conceptThe body shop baked eye shadow press kit
Notice the Cheesecake, Carrot Cake and Cup cakes? They are all baked – inline with the concept of Baked To Last Colors – Eye shadows, Blushers and Bronzers that were handcrafted in Italy, baked on terracotta discs for 24 hours for  intense colors and long lasting staying power !
Each Baked To Last products contains freshly milled powders, pure pigments and gorgeous shimmers to create beautiful smooth vibrant sheen of colours and Organic Olive Oil from Italy & Marula Oil from Namibia for easy application and blendability
The Body Shop Baked BronzersThe Body Shop Baked BlushersThe Body Shop baked Eye shadows
This Summer, Baked to Last Bronzers in 01 Golden Bronze, 02 Warm Glow and Baked to Last Eyeshadows in 01 Copper, 02 Moon Stone and 03 Jade were launched. The remaining 5 colours and the Baked To Last Blushers would only be launched in the 4th quarter.
The Body Shop Baked to last eyeshadows and bronzersThe Body Shop Baked to last eyeshadows and bronzers close up
The Baked To Last Eyeshadows features a mono shade and a marble of dark colour with shimmers to take you from day to night. Apply dry for a natural look or Simply wet the eyehadow brush for intensity to create rich and sexy smoky eyes.
The Body Shop Baked Eyeshadows
Swatches of The Body Shop Baked To Last Eyeshadows in 01 Copper, 02 Moon Stone and 03 Jade.
Swatches of The Body Shop Baked Eyeshadows
The Bronzer is a mélange of 3 colours swirled and baked together to create a perfect shimmering summer glow on your face, neck and décolletage. Available in 01 Golden Bronze for medium to dark coverage and 02 Warm Glow for light to medium coverage.

02 Warm Glow is a very close dupe for M.A.C. By Candlelight Limited Edition MSF!

UPDATE : Bronzer in 02 is SOLD OUT at ALL THE BODY SHOP ! 

The Body Shop Bronzers Summer 2010

The Body Shop Big & Curvy Mascara features an innovative sculpting brush with a unique fibre twist that promised to plump and curl lashes to create 9 Times in Volume  & Curvaceous Curls  for thick fluttering luscious lashes. Formulated with Pro-Vitamin B5, Community Trade Beeswax and Marula Oil, these ingredients moisturizes and conditions your lashes and together with the unique formulation for smudge, flake and smear resistant perfectly coated va-va-vroom lashes !
 BigAndCurvy_2_INBCMPJ011BigAndCurvy_1_INBCMPJ016The Body Shop Big & Curvy Mascara
If you care about what you put in and on your body, give your lips a delipscious treat and enjoy pure goodness for soft kissable nourished lips. Research have shown that every lady would swallow at least 4 pounds of lipsticks in her life time equivalent to 863 Lipsticks ! With that in mind, The Body Shop introduces Delipscious Lips goodies that are good enough to eat and taste as good as it looks!!
The Body Shop delipiscious
Delipscious Sheer Lip Color and Delipscious Tinted Lip Balm are made entirely of 100% FOOD GRADE ingredients made from naturally derived ingredients, natural food coloring and food seed oils, so its absolutely safe to eat it or swallow it !
Delipscious Sheer Lip Color contains 2 blueberry oil, pomegranate fruit seed oil, sugar derivatives, rapeseed oil, Vitamin E and Community Trade Cocoa Butter – even suitable for Vegetarians ! Available in 9 fruity shades, its gives your lips a healthy glow.
The Body Shop delipicious sheer lip colors and tinted color balms
Formulated to nourish, condition  and protect your lips with blueberry oil, pomegranate oil and cocoa butter, the creamy Delipscious Tinted Lip Balm gives you a subtle hint of colours for a natural look.
Packaged in post-consumer recycled material, the Delipscious sleek and elegant aluminum case is a way of showing you care for the environment and as you stimulantously care for your lips.
Swatches of Delipscious Sheer Lip Colours in 9 shades
(L to R) 01 Lychee, 02  Toffee,  03 Watermelon, 04 Candy, 05 Elderberry, 07 Raspberry, 08 Saffron and 09 Pomegranate
The Body Shop Delipcious  swatches
Swatches of Delipscious Tinted Lip Balm
(L to R) 01 Peach, 02 Watermelon, 03 Raspberry and 04 Papaya.
The Body Shop tinted lip balm swatches
Next was the Summer Evening makeover using The Body Shop Summer Trends Collection.  Arfa, the Make-up Specialist who will be representing Singapore to compete regionally with other Make-up Specialists from The Body Shop in an upcoming Make-up competition first applied The Body Shop Shiso White powder foundation and The Body Shop Eyebrow pencil  before using Baked Eyeshadow in 02 for highlight, 01 and 03 to create gradient.  Nora also used 03 as an eyeliner for my upper and lower lashline. Nora then applied 2 coats of Big and Curvy Mascara. The summer eye makeup goes well with my Freshkon Colour Fusion Lens in Charming Brown.
The body shop baked eye shadow makeoverThe body shop baked eye shadow makeover close
Nora used The Lip Scuff,  a gentle lip exfoliator which have a refreshing minty flavour and reminds us of Wrigley's Mint Chewing Gum ! Nora then applied Delipscious Tinted lip balm in 02 Watermelon to moisture my lip before applying matching Delipscious Sheer lip colour in watermelon.
A quick brush of Baked To Last Bronzer in 01 complete my summer evening look.
The Body Shop baked to ast eye shadows, bronzers and big and curvy mascaraThe Body Shop Summer Evening look
The private preview ended with a tea session and a gorgeous set of press kit were presented to us. Look out for my reviews on The Body Shop latest Summer Trends !
The Summer Trends collection consists of Baked to Last Eye Shadows – 01, 02 and 03 - S$22.90, Bronzers in 01 and 02 - S$34.90, Delipscious Sheer Lip Colours – 9 shades - S$18.90, Delipscious Tinted Lip Balm in 4 shades - S$16.90 and Big & Curvy Mascara S$24.90 are available at The Body Shop Stores NOW !


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