03 July 2010


Kose SEKKISEI Lotion is the No.1 Whitening Brand in Japan and Overseas with 25 years of History and 5,000 SEKKISEI Lotion sold per day !
Kose Sekkisei Lotion
SEKKISEI 25th Anniversary Promotions at Robinsons Centrepoint offers some great bargains !
Kose supreme whiteesprique precious makeup

  • Kose SEKKISEI Supreme Powder foundation 10.5g with Kose Sun Protector (15ml) - S$60 (UP S$93)

  • Kose SEKKISEI Sun Protector (50ml) with Kose Sekkisei Supreme Powder foundation sample 2g - $46 (UP S$65)
Kose supreme white powder foundationKose sekkisei promotions

  • Kose SEKKISEI Lotion 100ml and Kose Seikisho White Mask 75ml S$35 (UP S$77)

  • Kose SEKKISEI Emulsion 70ml and Kose SEKKISEI White Liquid Wash 140g S$46 (UP S$88)

  • Kose SEKKISEI SUPREME Moisturizer 85ml and Washing Cream 140ml S$60 (UP S$102)

  • Beaute de Kose White Succeed Washing Cream S$25 (UP S$49)

  • Esprique Precious Purely Veil Powder S$25 (UP S$43)
  • Kose HappyBath Body Bath Soap - 2 big bottle for S$19
Kose hapy bathKose sekkisei promotionBeaute de Kose white succeed washing cream
Check out other great promos at Kose Centrepoint Atrium now  till  Sunday, July 4th. All offers are while stocks last !


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