24 July 2010


I attended an intimate SANA Natural Resource Sensitive Skin Blogger Session by SANA & FR3B at SANA office a week ago.

SANA Natural Resource is   manufactured by huge Japanese giant – Noevir Group who holds one of the highest stake in the competitive beauty and skincare industry in Japan.

Sana Natural Resource

SANA Natural Resource is not exactly new in Singapore as i received some samples and seen it at Watsons in August 2008. However, i am not sure if the range was available from then till now as i seldom visit Watsons for skincare.

SANA product manager gave a presentation of SANA Group in general and on Natural Resource which was founded by 2 good friends - a Doctor and a Businessman who wanted to create beautiful skin using natural ingredients and without the use of additives  and to harnass the Power of nature to beautify skin.

Sana Natural Resource Ingredients

SANA Natural Resource have been in the Japan Market for 10 years and used only natural ingredients from plants, flowers and fruits like Wild Rose, Balsam, White Birch, Mugwort, Brown Sugar, Adlay, Lavender, Geranium, Rosewood, Bergamote and Grapefruit. It is also free from Alcohol, Mineral Oil, Colorants, Paraben, Ultraviolet ray absorbent agent and artificial fragrances. Its very gentle on the skin and is suitable for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin as its all natural and will not irritate your skin.

Sana Natural Resource Base Makeup & skincare

We were given a questionnaire to fill up and check if our skin are sensitive. Living in today’s modern society, our skin are subjected to the harsh harmful sunlight, wind, dust, pollution and stress.

Sensitive skin reacts to ingredients in their skincare or cosmetic products, roughness or dryness, sudden climate changes, UV rays, irregaular lifestyle affecting hormones balance, Stress or even genetic inheritance – turning red easily, tight skin, itching, burning and stinging.

Appropriate cleansing, moisturizing and UV protection are required to keep the skin condition healthy.
SANA Natural Resource skincare regimen consists of 7 subtle fragrance additive-free products from Cleansing to Treatment and Mositurizing.

Sana Natural Resourc skin regimen

SANA Natural Resource base makeup of 3 core product range of makeup base, liquid/powder foundation and concealer/loose powder.

Sana Natural Resource base makeup

It was an enjoyable evening testing and swatching the full range of SANA Natural Resources and sharing skincare & makeup tips with the beauty babes.

SANA Natural Resource Skincare RegimenSANA Natural Resource Base Makeup foundation powder concealer

I would be reviewing SANA Natural Resource Skincare and Base Makeup Range in another entry after i have tried them for another week. Stay tuned and Have a good weekend!


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