20 September 2009


I was invited to the grand opening of the Pandora Flagship Store at Ion Orchard. The Danish jewelry company PANDORA creates feminine and timeless designer jewelry that has taken the world by storm. PANDORA is recognized by consumers the world over for beautifully capturing life’s unforgettable moments and creating genuine jewelry with a high aesthetic quality and excellent craftsmanship.

PANDORA was established in 1982 by goldsmith P. Enevoldsen and his wife in modest surroundings on Nørrebrogade in Copenhagen, Denmark. The launch of PANDORA’s ever-popular charm bracelet on the Danish market in 1999 was an instant hit.
A key element of PANDORA’s tremendous success is the popular charm bracelet comprising beads and pendants in Sterling silver, 14k gold and gemstones that can be combined and interchanged as desired. The concept has given consumers all over the world a unique chance to create a personal symbol of life’s important moments.
P1090842 P1090843
PANDORA has taken the countless combinations of the charm bracelet and carried them through to the rest of the range in the form of rings, earrings and necklaces in Sterling silver and 14k gold combined with a wide selection of gemstones, such as diamonds, topaz, sapphires, aquamarine etc. Each piece is handmade to maintain PANDORA’s high quality standards.
Visit Pandora Flagship Store at ION Orchard B1-09 for a unique gift for someone special or to pamper your friends. More information at Pandora.


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