20 September 2009


As we were in the vicinity, we dropped by L’Oreal Beauty Sale at Raffles City Convention Centre, 4th Floor, Mercury/Enterprise Room.


There wasn't much crowd in the evening and lots of L’Oreal, Maybelline & Garnier products were on sale. Below are some prices that i could recall.

L’Oreal Toners $8, Skin Care sets from $15 to $20 and Body Care Slimming Products $15 to $20. Men Skincare Set at $15.

L’Oreal Stars Palette $10, buy 1 get 1 free. Nail Polish $10 for 3. Foundation $10. Foundation and refill set at $20. Minerals makeup kit $15. L’Oreal Eco Bag $5. Lots of lipsticks, eye shadows, mascara.

L’Oreal Hair Dye are $10 or 2 for $15 depending on the range, styling products $10 for 2, shampoo $10 for 2 or $10 for 3 depending on the range like anti-dandruff, ant frizz, colour etc

Maybelline Pure Minerals Powder $15, Blusher $10. Angel Fit Liquid Foundation $15, Moisture Lipstick at 4 for $20, brow definition set – 2 for $10, Blemish Concealer 2 for $10. Lots of mascaras.

Garnier Toner $5, Garnier sheet mask $6 a box, Assorted Garnier Skin care from $5 to $15. Hair Dye 2 for $10.
The best buys in my opinion are the L’Oreal skincare sets and Stars Palette.


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