27 September 2009


I attended Ettusais Make up Demo by Ms Jessica Fun, Senior Manager for Shiseido Singapore at CozyCot Holy Grail Party.

Jessica demonstrated on a model using Ettusais Collection to achieve natural looking makeup using the right techniques.Firstly, Jessica using Ettusais Make Up Base.
P1100544 P1100545
Jessica pointed out that some ladies do not know the correct way of picking up 2 way cake powder. As 2 way way foundation are made layers by layers, the rigth way is to glide your sponge from top to the bottom of the powder in 1 single stroke. This is essential to create a smooth natural flawless base. If you are using a round compact power, simply gilde your sponge in a circular motion around the powder to pick up smoothly.
P1100547 P1100548
Jessica also pointed out the use of concealer. Its a matter of perference to use stick or liquid concealer and before or after foundation. But usually, liquid concealer is applied first if you chose to use a 2 way cake or powder foundation. Just a litle dab will do and blend it in.

To enable eye shadow & eye liner to last longer, the trick is to apply your foundation or yoir lids, be it 2 way cake or powder,
P1100552 P1100553
Next, Jessica chose a light colour for hightlight and a darker colour eyeshadow to create gradient . Always blend well to create a natural look.
 P1100558 P1100559
To draw your brow, start filling in from the highest point to the end, then fill in from the front of your brows.
P1100562 P1100564
Curl your lashes in 3 sections and apply mascara from the root of your lashes. 2 coat is more then enough as too many coats will weigh down the lashes.
P1100565 P1100566
The easiest way of applying a blusher is to smile and apply on the apple of your cheek. However, this work best for people with slim narrow face so this would broader the cheek area. To slim down the broadness of round round shape, simply brush inward.
Jessica also mention the right way of lipstick application. Use a lipbrush to pick up more colour and apply in 1 single stroke. Add a dash of gloss in the center of your lips for a lovely glow.
Thanks Jessica for the cool tips !


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