09 September 2009


After attending Samsung Omnia II presentation, i pop by Daiso and spotted quite a few good bargains. I don't have a habit of posting my purchases as i would feel more guilty for spending but i would like to share some lovely bargains at Daiso though many readers would have spotted them already.

I couldn't resist this Anna Sui inspired Earrings holder, which could display 12 pairs of earrings. An absolute bargain at S$2/-

P1090469 P1090468

This Japanese style Chirimen fabric tissue case colourful print caught my attention. I don't usually go for bright colours but this nice and cheery design would stand out amid the dark interior of my handbag, a time saving incentive when im looking for tissue in a hurry.

P1090452 P1090454
I had purchased a Chirimen fabric zipper case about 2 months ago from Daiso. Don't they both look kirei ?

P1090460 P1090461
This clear hanger reminds me of the clean understated design from Muji . As i have recently moved to my new place in town, i am beginning to look at more household items. This would be handy.

Fancy some pretty cosmetic kitchen sponges ? They look so cute ! I almost wanted to buy but practical me decided to pass and KIV instead although they would look good in the kitchen they might look scruffy after a couple of washing.

Another interesting item is a banana stand. Basically you just hang it on the hook to keep your bananas fresh and blemish free. Again, i passed and KIV as it may take up a little to much space in my kitchen. A little hook on the wall will do the job for the moment.
Lastly, the famous Daiso Soba sauce and soba noodles. I have heard so much about the highly popular Daiso Soba Sauce and its never in stock when i visit Daiso in the past few months since i moved back from London. It must be my lucky day as i finally spotted a dozen. A regular bottle of Soba sauce cost around S$5 easily in a supermarket and at Daiso its only S$2 ! I purchased five bottles of Soba Sauce for my besties and myself. I bought a packet of cha soba as well .
It was a fruitful trip to Daiso today and i will try to pop by more often for excellent value buys.


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