04 September 2009


I was elated to be invited to Chanel exclusive launch party to celebrate Chanel’s latest skincare , Ultra Correction Lift at Takashimaya.
chanelultraCHANEL had discovered that youthful-looking skin requires more than a boost of collagen and elastin. It also requires tensin, a critical protein, naturally abundant in young skin, that anchors and connects cells to skin's dermal network. CHANEL new Ultra Correction Lift helps to stimulate the production of tensin to its youthful level with an exclusive, powerful ingredient, elemi PFA* , naturally firms and lifts skin from within. With tensin levels restored, and collagen and elastin synthesis intensified to support and fortify skin's newly reconnected network, facial contours appear lifted and redefined and skin achieves a visibly toned and revitalized look.
Chanel Make Up Artist, Cecilia demonstrating the correct way of Ultra Correction skincare application on a guest. After applying Chanel Nano lotion, she used a tissue to lightly dabbed away excessive lotion before applying Ultra Corrective Serum so that our skin wouldn't be too damp and cant absorb the serum. Seems that i have missed this step for my application of Chanel skincare products.
P1090348 P1090350
The correct way of applying Ultra Corrective Eye Cream
P1090351 P1090352
Application of Ultra Corrective Serum and Ultra Corrective Day Cream with massage techniques to ensure penetration of products
P1090353 P1090354 P1090355 P1090357
Cecilia also demonstrated using Chanel latest Autumn Venise Collection. Firstly, she used a makeup base before applying Chanel Lift Lumiere, a foundation that helps to create a lifting effect so that the skin looks firmer and smoother. Application of foundation using a foundation brush will pick up the right amount to ensure natural looking makeup. Use a powder brush to dust on Poudre Douce ( soft pressed powder) to set the foundation.
P1090359 P1090362
Next Cecilia uses LES 4 OMBRES Quadra Eye Shadow in Murano, a quartet of moss, pink, sea foam and green shimmer shades, Celadon , a rich emerald green eyeliner, Exceptionnel De Chanel mascara to create volume and curled lashes, LES TISSAGES DE CHANEL(Blush Duo Tweed Effect) and Rouge Allure to create the latest autumn look
P1090364 P1090368 P1090367 P1090366 P1090369 P1090370
Chanel Ultra Correction Serum retails at $210, Day Cream/Fluid with SPF 15 and Night Cream at $205 each. Chanel Ultra Correction Skincare is available at all Chanel Counters now.


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