27 September 2009


One of my favourite Japanese makeup brand, Esprique Precious is demonstrating at CozyCot Holy Grail Party this afternoon at Expo Hall 6A

DJ PeiFen was the compere and Aileen, Kosé Training Manager, demonstrated on 2 model, the day look & the night look using Esprique Precious Autumn Collection.

Aileen demonstrated how we could achieve beautiful makeup in just 10 minutes ! The products she used are Esprique Precious 2 way cake, Glamorous Glossy Eyes, Blusher, Dress on Glossy Rouge.
To achieve a smooth finish in application of using Esprique Precious 2 way cake, the trick is to wet the sponge in a bowl of water. Simply press the sponge in the water until there are no air bubbles. Squeeze the excess water out of the sponge and glide it to pick up the right amount of powder.
P1100590 P1100593
Pat the powder onto your face evenly, remember to dab the powder on the sides of your nose. To help eye shadow and eye liner to last longer, simply pat some powder on your eye lids.
P1100594 P1100595 Aileen then applied the Glamorous Glossy Eyes. Its a dual colour. The lighter colour is for highlight and the darker colour for lining .Aileen also explained how Asian eye lashes grow and the right way of application of mascara which is to apply mascara in 3 different section
 P1100597 P1100601
Aileen applied blusher on the cheek and Dress On Glossy Rouge with the unique flat side and brush on the other side on the model.
P1100603 P1100604 Aileen demonstrating smoky eyes using Esprique Precious Limited Edition T-6 eye palette.
P1100608 P1100609 P1100611 P1100613
Read more about Esprique Precious Launch and Autumn Collection


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