27 April 2010


Strip - Ministry of Wax is the first brand anyone would think of on waxing services. Established in cosmopolitan hippy locations in London, Shanghai, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, its rapidly expanding to New York, Hong Kong and Jakarta. With its convenient locations and funky decorations, tongue-in-cheeks advertising and countless raves & reviews by the media under its belt, Strip is undisputedly the most popular place for waxing in Singapore.

There are currently 10 Strip ~ Ministry of Wax in Singapore and the 11th would open on 8th May at ION. I am featuring Strip Co-Ed Beauty Emporium @Dempsey. I love the cheerful quirky design and relaxing ambience which is great for chilling out on your own or with your friends amid the lush green views.
BE-mainhallBE-loungebooksBeauty Emporium Nails Service
Strip - Ministry of Waxing is so serious abut their business that they have a HSQ mantra: HYGIENE, SPEED and QUALITY. There is absolutely no double dipping, each customer receives their personal hygiene wax pack, best of the best waxes are used and therapists (with their latex gloves) strap on and strip off (the wax) in 30 minutes flat for their Brazilian/boyzillian!
strip decostrip doorwaystrip pack
Brazilian or Boyzillian involves the complete removal of all hair in the pelvic region.
strip ipl
Strip introduced IPL (Intense Pulse Light) for Brazilian recently and has produced the best post-wax care products in the industry.
Strip Preparation toweletteStrip Room
Before the session, the friendly Strip staff would pass you a towelette sealed in a metallic tin foil to prep yourself. Next, you are ushered into the cool Strip room for your Brazilian/Boyzillian. The therapist would prepared a brand new waxing kit and a new applicator to be used each time they dip into the warm wax to ensure  maximum hygiene.
The equipments used in waxing
strip equipstrip equipsstrip equipmentstrip high quality hard wax
My therapist is a very warm lady who assured me that Brazilian is almost painless and a pleasant experience. The key thing is to relax and there would be hardly any pain.
My virgin Brazilian experience was almost like what my therapist assured, a pleasant experience. It was generally painless except for more sensitive areas and it was really HSQ (Hygienic, Speed and Quality) as the warm hard wax were stripped in 30 minute flat.
Some Don'ts after waxing :-
Post-wax, the skin area is delicate and requires special care. Refrain the following for the next 24 hours:
  • Don't have a hot bath or shower
  • Don't sunbathe or go for heat or ultraviolet treatments such as sun beds or saunas
  • Don't wear tight or restrictive clothing
  • Don't use perfumed products, deodorant or antiperspirant products, self-tanning products and make up
  • Don't rub or touch the area as empty follicles provide a route for a nasty bacteria invasion
After our Brazilian, Xwen and i proceeded to Test Kitchen (located within  Beauty Emporium) for some freshly baked yummy cookies and chilling out. Oops we were too excited by the chocolate, banana and walnut cookies that we had forgotten to take pictures. The cookies were soft, slightly chewy and with chunks of banana and walnut and a sprinkling of chocolate chips.
The Test Kitchen is a really cool concept  where Nora, the resident baker experiment and whip up new creations everyday. You could also share your recipes and Test Kitchen will name it after you if its a winner !
After trying the yummy cookies, we had to fill up a report card so that Test Kitchen could improve on the recipes and add in our suggestions. The price of the yummy cookies ? Simply Pay What You Think It’s Worth and the money goes to buying new ingredients and the running of the kitchen.Isn't it cool ?
STRIPbrowhausmalan   goetzbeauty emporium nails
STRIP CO-ED BEAUTY EMPORIUM SINGAPORE is located at 8D Dempsey Road #02-01 (6475 7833) and houses Strip, Browhaus, Malin + Goetz, manicure and pedicure service, retail of highly raved products and providing a One-Stop Beauty Service.
BEAUTE RUNWAY GIVEAWAY : STRIP BRAZALIAN 20% OFF VOUCHER (USUAL PRICE $55). Please leave a comment if you would like to have the voucher and the winner will be picked randomly. Cheers !


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