16 April 2010


Beverly Feldman, the world’s most Iconic glamorous and distinguished shoe designer is in Singapore! Beverly is my favorite shoe designer as her designs are ultra glamorous, lavish, sexy, whimsical, fun and wearable. I am always obsessed and lusting for beautiful designs and meeting Beverly her good self makes me blissful happy!
                   Beverly Feldman & Beaute Runway Beverly Feldman & me
It’s a dream come true meeting up with Beverly, have my Beverly Feldman Shoes autographed right before my eyes, spoke to her like an old friend and have loads of pictures taken together. She is so warm and charming, absolutely gorgeous and totally amazing lady.
Beverly Feldman Shoes Beaute RunwaybEAUTE RUNWAYBeverly Feldman ShoesBeverly Feldman Autographed shoes
Beverly have been creating glamorous shoes for over 30 years and her designs are recognized worldwide for their blend of lavish ornamentation and casual playfulness.  Unique among her peers, Beverly is a classically trained shoe designer, graduating from New York's Pratt Institute as a footwear illustrator and designer.
beverly feldman
Beverly's designs have appeared on Oprah's 'The O List', Sex in the City, The Rachel Ray Show, The Tyra Banks Show, Good Morning America, Fox, HSN, CSI, TLC's 'What Not to Wear', The Insider, E.T., and Leeza Gibbons Live, as well as in the most prestigious American and European fashion magazines including Harper's Bazaar, Instyle, Vogue, Lucky, Marie Claire, Essence and Ebony.
beverly feldman collection
Beverly's unique footwear has captivated Oprah, Tyra Banks, Kim Cattrall, Paula Abdul, Kirstie Alley, Angelina Jolie and the Hilton sisters, just to name a few. While Beverly has dressed the stars, her true passion is to make every woman feel like a star by helping women celebrate life, fun and fantasy through her extraordinary designs. Beverly does not design for the fashionistas, but for timeless glamour, embraced by women of all ages and nationalities.
                  beverly feldman autographbeverly feldman
Beverly’s mantra is “Glamour and Comfort at a reasonable price.” Women want comfort, but they also want to look beautiful. At Beverly Feldman, pain and glamour are not mutually exclusive. My shoes are glamorous, sexy, affordable and comfortable – a totally unique combination.
beverly feldman beaute runwaybeverly feldman paragon
Beverly Feldman is a global footwear and handbag company with distribution in more than 50 countries. Beverly Feldman shoes and bags are available exclusively at Tang+Co in Singapore.
beverly feldman shoesbeverly feldman shoes 2beverly feldman shoes 3beverly feldman shoes 4beverly feldman shoes 5beverly feldman shoes 66beverly feldman shoes 7beverly feldman shoes 8 
Thank you Tang+Co, one of my favourite store for inviting Beverly Feldman to Singapore.


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