06 April 2010


I was invited to Longchamp Paris Spring Summer 2010 Collection Fashion Show at Paragon, Singapore. For Spring/Summer 2010, Lonchamp is inspired by the world of art, imagining a woman who is the tradition of legendary muses and collectors expresses her eclectic passions in a personal style that is innovative, individual and devastatingly chic. Carefree and cosmopolitan, the Longchamp lady goes where the mood takes her and turns model and muse, artist and aesthete. Kate Moss for Longchamp was also showcased which i will post the collaboration in a separate entry.

Add a splash of colour to your Longchamp ready to wear fashion life with Longchamp Artitude bag collection for Spring/Summer 2010.

longchamp spring summer 2010 collectionlongchamp spring summer 2010 collection2longchamp spring summer 2010 collection 3longchamp spring summer 2010 collection 4longchamp spring summer 2010 collection men'slongchamp spring summer 2010 collection 5

Among the highlights are the iconic Gatsby, revisited in the collection’s key colours, exotic finishes and even silkscreen- printed with a painterly motif, canvas Expression holdall, a wonderfully witty on the season’s standout paint-splash print, decorated with a spontaneously set patch pocket and labels, and trimmed with fine natural leather.

longchamp spring summer 2010 collection 6longchamp spring summer 2010 collection 7longchamp spring summer 2010 collection8 longchamp spring summer 2010 collection 10longchamp spring summer 2010 collection11longchamp spring summer 2010 collection 9longchamp spring summer 2010 collection12longchamp spring summer 2010 collection13longchamp spring summer 2010 collection14

Romantique Collection: Beige-Celadon is my favourite. Delicate as porcelain, pale celadon quietly sets off a refined palette of natural beige and flesh tones. Exotic finishes create interesting textural effects, most strikingly a bold viper print on patent calfskin.

longchamp spring summer 2010 collection 15longchamp spring summer 2010 collection16longchamp spring summer 2010 collection17longchamp spring summer 2010 collection20longchamp spring summer 2010 collection19 longchamp spring summer 2010 collection18
Longchamp Spring Summer 2010 Collection is out now at Longchamp Boutique.


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