09 April 2010


GREY GOOSE®, the world’s leading favourite luxury premium vodka is made in Cognac, France, the world’s most respected sprite making region. The cellar master for Grey Goose® Vodka ensures that every element of its production is of the highest quality using exclusive five step distillation process. The multi-award winning GREY GOOSE® Vodka is lush, smooth and rounded and melts in the mouth with a long-lasting, satisfying finish.

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Grey Goose® Global Ambassador and Discovery Channels “Cocktail Kings’ Presenter, Dimitri Lezinska designed 3 unique Grey Goose® Vodka Cocktails, inspired by Emma Yong, Daniel Boey and Wee Teng Wen for Grey Goose® Perfect Moments Framed in Time Celebration Singapore Showcase.

I was elated to be invited to the exclusive Grey Goose® Perfect Moments Cocktails Mixology Media Session hosted by Global Grey Goose® Brand Ambassador  Dimitri Lezinska  held on 1st April at Grey Goose® Vodka Pop Up Studio, Singapore.
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Sensorial journey with GREY GOOSE®

Dimitri Lezinska is one of the world's best mixologists. Born and raised in Paris, Dimitri perfected his craft at some of the UK's top cocktail bars including the legendary Atlantic Bar, Mash, Eclipse & LAB. Dimitri achieve international recognition as the co-host of the Discovery Channel's hugely popular "Cocktail Kings", a guide to some of the best cities in the world and the cocktails to enjoy in their most stylish bars, restaurants and hotels.
grey goose vodka displaygrey goose vodka mixology session

As Grey Goose® global ambassador, Dimitri often travelled around the world sharing the art of cocktail making. Dimintri first explained to us the different equipment we required for making a perfect cocktail.
  • Bar spoon is a long handled spoon used for mixing and layering of alcoholic and non-alcohol drinks.
  • Jigger is a bartending tool used to measure the right amount of liquors or juices before pouring into the cocktail shaker.
  • Cocktail Shaker is a device used to mix beverages by shaking. When ice is put in the shaker this allows for a quicker cooling of the drink before serving
  • Cocktail strainer is a metal bar used to remove ice from a mixed drink after it has been shaken or stirred and while it is being poured into the glass for serving.
  • Hawthorn strainer is flat and circular with a handle and several flat stabilizing prongs coming out of the rim. It has a metal spring around its rim that will roll inward slightly to fit inside the glass to filter out the ice.
  • Julep strainer is concave and circular with a handle, and will fit tightly into a mixing glass when on an angle.
grey goose vodka media invite mixlogy session set upgrey goose vodka dimitri measurement spoon

Dimitri revealed the secret of making good cocktails are to use fresh fruit juices and the right amount of liquer or alcohol in the recipe. Add in Grey Goose® Vodka, fill it up with ice and shake the cocktail shaker vigorously before straining the cocktail into your glass.

 grey goose dimi shakergrey goose dimi jiggerrgrey goose dimi 02
grey goose vodka dimitri measuremet of juicesgrey goose vodka dimitri measurement of syrupgrey goose vodka dimitri measurement of liquidgrey goose vodka dimitri shakergrey goose vodka dimitri taste testgrey goose vodka dimitri straining the cocktail 
City Of Angels Cocktail Recipe:
  • 2 part Grey Goose Original
  • 1/2 part pear liqueur
  • 1/3 maraschino
  • 1/3 part lemon juice
  • 1/5 sugar syrup
  • 1/2 Celery juice
Fill the Shaker up with Ice cubes, Shake vigorously and strain into small flute. garnish with lemongrass.
Dimitri made the whole cocktail mixing process seems like a breeze! It was our hands on session next in mixing City of Angel with Grey Goose® Vodka, a tantilising mildly sweet cocktail.
grey goose media 05grey goose media 07
The Boston Shaker is a two-piece shaker consisting of a metal bottom and glass or plastic mixing glass. The mixing container and bottom are inserted into each other for shaking or used separately for stirring or muddling.
After adding all the juice, liquor, syrup and Grey Goose® Vodka, fill the Shaker with whole ice cubes and use the mixing glass to cover and SHAKE vigorously! Kind of hard work really, need to break the ice cubes inside ! Shake for about 5 to 15 seconds depending on the intensity, ingredients and desired temperature. Strain the cocktail into the glass and Voila !
grey goose media 10grey goose media 13grey goose media 12
                        Grey Goose Media Grey Goose Media 02a
My Grey Goose® City Of Angel Cocktail ! 
grey goose vodka my conoction
Dimitri quizzed us on which glass have a stronger alcoholic content when 1 glass is filled with ice and the other glass filled with water. What do you think ? Highlight the paragraph below to see if you have guessed correctly!
Most people would think that adding ice would dilute a drink but its a fallacy ! Ice cubes are in solid form so it would not be mixed with the alcohol immediately as it takes time for the ice cubes to melt. The other glass containing water would dilute the drink immediately as its in liquid form.
grey goose vodka dimitri water experimentgrey goose vodka ice experiment
Dimitri demonstrated a 2nd cocktail, StarStruck Goose
  • 1.5 part Grey Goose L’Orange
  • 1/2 part ginger liqueur
  • 1 part freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice
  • 1/2 part strawberry syrup
  • 1 spray absinthe
Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake vigorously
Finely strain into a chilled flute and garnish with a spritz of absinthe.
grey goose vodka dimitri straining  cocktail 2grey goose vodka dimitri spritz essence
My Grey Goose® StarStruck Goose Cocktail
grey goose media 06grey goose vodka my 2nd conoction
Cocktail tasting and Cheers !
grey goose vodka tastingSTA_8918
It was a most enjoyable intimate session to discover how these ingredients blend together and transform into a delicious cocktail and best of all,  learn to create my very own concoction with GREY GOOSE® , literally taking me on a journey to discover the art and science of mixology.
Try the City of Angels and StarStruck Goose, using fresh juices and vodka, get the most out of your cocktail and try your hand at creating your very own cocktail, inspired by your perfect moment.
Thank you Bacardi International (Labels owned include GREY GOOSE®, Bacardi Rum,Bombay Sapphire, Martini Vermouth, Dewar Scotch Whiskey, Cazadores Tequila) for the invite and enriching afternoon.


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