04 April 2010


I was invited to Face Bistro, the Japanese skin and beauty connoisseur to experience their latest 3D Face Lifting Massage facial. Promising to lift my facial shape, look younger and fresher instantly, it was a timely invite for a rejuvenating session !
Facebistro Beaute Runway Holland VillageFace BistroPico water Beaute RunwayFace Bistro Beaute Runway 01

Face Bistro was founded in 2005 by Ms Dily Wang, celebrity make up artiste who have decades of experience in creating beautiful faces and very highly sought after by celebrities, magazine shoots and bridal makeup.

Face Bistro specialize in facial and retail niche skincare and make up from B&C Laboratories (formerly known as Sony CP), a renown beauty research institute in Japan supported by giant corporation SONY. Face Bistro uses Pico Water as the basis of their facial and skincare regime - natural spring water extracted from the Shizuoka Southern Alps (Japan), which penetrates the skin more quickly and thoroughly than normal water, thereby allowing the skin to receive the full benefits of each product used.
Face bistro beaute runway interior 2Face bistro interior Beaute Runway

Jane, my Face Bistro therapist first analyzed my skin using the skin analysis machine and capturing images of my skin conditions on various parts of my face from the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin area. The analysis showed that my skin was good except for presence of dead skin cells and some clogged pores.
                Face Bistro 3 D Facial before 01 Face Bistro 3 D Facial before 02

Jane recommended Face Bistro latest 3D Face Lifting Facial, the non-surgical answer to face-lift with visible and effective results to restoring the skin from within.
  • 3D Face Lifting Facial uses AgeDiscuss CellRemind Ex coupled with a Japanese Massage Technique to firm and lift facial muscles.
  • AgeDiscuss CellRemind Ex contains  an active anti oxidant containing Coenzyme Q10 and alpha lipoic acid, a complex that works effectively to prevent and combat loose and sagging skin
Calming Facial Cabin with soft lights and soothing music
Face bistro facial room beaute runway

My 3D Face Lifting Massage Facial Experience

After cleansing my face, Jane used Age Discuss Metabolic Expert to exfoliate, slough away dead skin cells and dull skin  layer. Next she placed a vitamin enriched hydrating sheet mask and rejuvenated my skin with the application of Pico Water All Purpose Mist using a  USP device and warm steam to soften my skin gently for extractions of impurities and removal of dead skin cells.
age discuss cell mind ex Face bistro beaute runway

Jane applied AgeDiscuss Cell Remind Ex, a cream based moisturizer that works directly on cells in the epidermis, producing and protecting collagen and elastin fibres that effectively resurrect skin suppleness from deep within.

Complementing the cream with the Japanese massage technique, it improves lymphatic circulation, relieves fatigue and stress, restores vitality and induces a fresher and younger look!

After the facial, I was even taught on the steps to DIY the Japanese Massage Technique which can be easily done in 10 minutes. Jane explains like just like exercising daily, making an effort to do the simple facial massage 10 minutes daily will help prevent skin from sagging and prolong lasting results for a younger and more contoured face without the need of surgical face lift.

Analysis after 3D Lifting Massage Facial  to see that skin condition have improved
           Face Bistro 3 D Facial after 01Face Bistro 3 D Facial after 02

Amazing Results
I felt fresher and revitalized with the Japanese facial massage! Jane passed me a mirror to see the difference it made. I scrutinized every inch and concluded that  my face was more contoured and lifted, with a visibly sharper jaw line and "lifted" eyes that appear bigger ! The lifted contour could last up to a week, depending on skin conditions. Results do varies and i was glad it worked for me instantly, great for instant boost me up confidence and relaxation. The One to One DIY Face Lift massage lesson is an added bonus, i have never come across any facial that includes free massage lesson. Face Bistro is so dedicated in their facial. Thumbs up !

Come on down to Face Bistro to experience the latest 3D Face Lifting Facial at a special price of $48 (Usual Price: $128) and receive a 10 minute one to one lesson on DIY Face Lift and a *Agediscuss CellRemind Ex Miniature FREE! ONLY for readers of BEAUTE RUNWAY. Simply print out the coupon below to enjoy the offer and do remember to quote Beaute Runway when making an appointment.
If you would like to try other Face Bistro Facials, there is 50% OFF for Beaute Runway Readers.
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Face Bistro is located at 27A Lorong Liput Holland Village (Tel: 6462 4988) and  80 Robinson Road, #01-00 (Tel: 65382868)


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