18 October 2009


Takashimaya Branded Sales is here again. Enjoy up to 70% off various brands like Calvin Klein, Benetton, Muchas, Elle, Guerlain, YSL and more on the seasonal clothes, bags, shoes, accessories , perfume and cosmetics from 15th to 25th October.

There are only Guerlain and YSL on sale for makeup and lots of perfume. The sale started last Thursday but i didn't think that the makeup or skincare is particularly cheap so i didn't write about it. Well, just to update as you might find something you like at the sale.

Guerlain : Meteorites Pearly white Powder, Meteorites Poudre de Perles Limited Edition 2009 Summer, Pearly White Make Up Base with brush all $60 each. Fleur De Teint rose extracts foundation $36, Eye Tech Eye cream $80, Aqua Day Cram, $65 etc

YSL : Matt Touch Oil free liquid Foundation $45, Matt Touch Powder Foundation Compact $60, Pearlie White Powder Foundation $60, White Mode Power Foundation $45, Artistry Palettes at $45,  Eye liner $30, Cream eye shadows $30, Eye Shadow Duo $40, Eye Shadow Palette $40. Lots of lipsticks $29, Golden Gloss $25, everlong mascaras. There is a makeup palette no. 19 with a mascara and pur lip gloss , all full size wit ha pouch and 1 mini lipstick at $70. This is the best buy if you like green eye shadow.  Skin Care - White mode skincare set $99, cleansers $35, essence $99, masks $40, Exfoliator $25 on sale. Travel size skincare at from $5.


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