15 October 2009


I was invited to Evita Peroni Hairstyling Workshop held at BEBE at Marina Square.

Judith, Evita Peroni Franchise Manager (Asia) was an elegant, stylish and engaging speaker. Judith shared with us the latest catwalk trends around the world and how accessories could play up an outfit easily, especially Evita Peroni Hair Pieces. Hairstyles makes a difference and let Evita Peroni treasured hair pieces brings out the sophisticated, feminine, flirtatious and playfulness in you effortlessly.
P1110258 P1110276

Kenneth, the hairstylist demonstrated Evita Peroni latest Fall/Winter Collection for the day and night look on 2 models, showcasing the signature exquisite hair accessories paired with BEBE Fall/Autumn Collection outfits.

P1110265 P1110272 P1110275 P1110277 P1110278 P1110281 P1110282 P1110280 P1110290 P1110288 P1110293 P1110294 P1110295 P1110296 P1110298 P1110299 P1110302 P1110304 P1110309 P1110314

Different transformations with the same outfit creating demure , glamorous looks.

P1110312 P1110315 P1110308P1110317 P1110320 P1110327P1110326 P1110330 P1110333 P1110344

There was a special 20% off on all accessories and instant Evita Peroni Membership with purchases above $100.


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