18 October 2009


Remember the lovely surprise from Revlon a couple of weeks ago ? I just tried the Revlon Runway Collection Nails last week after my gel nail designs are off.

Revlon recently introduced its Runway Collection-stylish nails with ornate tips and natural nail bed resins with glamorous design nails inspired by the latest couture fashion. These nails are a great alternative to expensive, time-consuming salon services. If applied properly, they last up to 7-10 days. Sounds good !
Please note that the prices shown are in USD as this collection is only available in USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand. Price varies across different countries due to currency fluctuations and promotions. For local readers, with the ease of travelling and online shopping, I'm sure we could all get our hands on the latest Revlon Runway Collection .


I tried STELLA, a lovely natural light pink nails with criss cross white tips. Its my first time using artificial nails, i have never tried any before as i was worried that i cant stick them properly naturally.


The Revlon Runway Collection kit is packaged with artificial nails, a little bottle of glue, a nail buff and a manicure stick. There are 24 nails in 12 sizes so they are bound to fit your natural nails. For added convenience, the nails are numbered so we could select the size that matches our natural nails. How cool is that ?
After cleaning my nails , lightly buffing and selecting the right sizes, i proceed to stick the Revlon nails over my own. Simply hold the numbered end which is the tip and apply an even layer of glue over the entire nail and back of the artificial nail. Press the nail firmly for 5 seconds and voila ! Pretty natural looking nails . Further, there is no need to buff the tips of the artificial nails as they are so well made. Its so easy !
Here’s a picture of my semi-done nails. See the contrast of before and after ? Very nice and natural isn't it ?

My nails look really nice and shiny and its very easy to use. You know what the great thing is ? My friends couldn't tell the difference and thought they were my own nails and that i have fresh manicure done in nail salon ! Quick, inexpensive and stylish solution to fabulous nails. Revlon Runway Collection ~ Captivating Color at my fingertips .



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