15 October 2009


I was invited to the opening night of LOVE IN ALL ITS GLORY at Singapore Jewel Fest at the Jewel Pavilion.
P1110036 SIngJewelFest P1110254
Coveted Piper Heidsieck Champagne , lovely canapés and soft music sets the scene for a magical and dazzling jewellery fashion show. I was pleasantly surprised to see flashes of private camera for this show as compared to the first Jewel Fest opening night~ Love of Romance thus i managed to snap some pictures as i love photography. Pardon i didnt managed to snag a good spot for photography.
Presenting Love In All Its Glory Couture Gallery showcased Annamaria Cammilli (Italy),Collection (Turkey), Giloro (Italy), Laurentia (Italy), Nanis (Italy), Ninetto Terzano (Italy), Pooja(Singapore), Straits (Malaysia), Versace (Italy) and my favourite Zydo (Italty)
Enjoy the glorious glamorous show.
P1110200The gorgeous gowns was specially designed by Frederick Lee , a celebrity local designer whose immaculate elegant and sophisticated gowns never failed to wow the audience. Gorgeous, dazzling and highly exquisite pieces of rare sparkling diamonds, gold, platinum gold and pearls stole the show . It was an ultra showdown of glamorous blings blings.
P1110191 P1110192 P1110193 P1110195P1110197 P1110198 P1110204 P1110205 P1110201P1110202 P1110203P1110208 P1110207P1110209P1110210 P1110212 P1110216 P1110211P1110213 P1110214P1110219 P1110220 P1110221 P1110222 P1110224 P1110225 P1110226 P1110227 P1110229 P1110231 P1110232 P1110228
P1110234 P1110235 P1110233P1110237 P1110238 P1110236 P1110242 P1110240 P1110245P1110239 P1110244


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