21 February 2012


UNIQLO Undercover Spring Summer 2012 UU collection is a collaboration with Japanese cult designer Jun Takahashi and his clothing label, Undercover for a new street-inspired fashion with distinctively edgy yet upscale spin on UNIQLO’s high quality, basic clothing.
UNIQLO Undercover UU Spring Summer 2012 Men Jacket leather mixed Japanese cult designer Jun Takahashi

In line with UNIQLO’s Made for All philosophy,  UNIQLO Undercover modern clothing range includes men, women, kids and even babies in fashionable cuts and varied colours. The collection will be launched at the grand opening of UNIQLO flagship store in Ginza, Tokyo.

UNIQLO UNDERCOVER SPRING SUMMER 2012 Jun Takahashi  men, women, kids  babies in fashionable cuts street style colour ginza plaza

The men’s collection from UNIQLO Undercover matches gentle colors with dark tones, while the women collection features a range of fashionable cuts and forms with an exciting palette of colours and patterns drawn from his popular UNDERCOVER line.

UNIQLO UNDERCOVER UU SPRING SUMMER 2012 – WOMEN  tunic dress cardigan pants  Jun Takahashi
UNIQLO Undercover kids collection melds next-generation aesthetics with the sense of perpetual joy associated with family. Takahashi designed the kids’ and babies’ lines with his wife and partner, Rico, lavishing attention on these two lines, producing a playful array of colors, unique prints and fine detailing that push the collection beyond the realm of conventional clothing for children.

UNIQLO UNDERCOVER SPRING SUMMER 2012 women Jun Takahashi  men kids babies clothes ginza plaza

UNIQLO Spring Summer 2012 Undercover first  family theme fashion collection, with a full lineup of apparel for women, men, children and babies will debut at UNIQLO global flagship store opening in Tokyo’s Ginza district on 16th March and gradually released in 32 stores in Japan, in addition to UNIQLO’s 11 markets abroad.

UNIQLO UNDERCOVER UU SPRING SUMMER 2012 WOMEN /MEN / KIDS / BABIES Collection will be available at UNIQLO SINGAPORE 313@Somerset around mid March.


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