31 July 2011


Zadig and Voltaire TOME I La Pureté  is a pure and spiritual unisex fragrance inspired by Zadig & Voltaire’s grunge aesthetic  rock chic angel. A collaboration with Le Labo, this is the first release of Tome fragrance series infusing  literature and philosophy to wrap the soul and the heart in a delightful and innocent whirl.
Zadig and Voltaire TOME I La PuretéTOME TOME I La Pureté  by Zadig and Voltaire
TOME is VOLUME in English comes in a book-shaped pack with Thomas A’Kempis’ quotation: “Purity and simplicity are the two wings with which man soars above the earth and all temporary nature”
TOME I La Pureté  by Zadig and Voltaire
A sprinkling of Patchouli oil (Blends of) Milk (Extravagance of) Musk (Insurrection of) Amber (Impertinence of) Orange blossom (Simplicity of) Jasmine tea (Vitality of) Tonka bean (Inverted commas of) Almond (Atmosphere of) Sandalwood (Nursery rhymes of) Vanilla is the concoction in TOME I La Pureté .
Zadig and Voltaire TOME
Zadig & Voltaire TOME I La Pureté (S$155) retails exclusively at Zadig & Voltaire Singapore boutique located at B2-71 at Marina Bay Sands Shoppes.


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