21 July 2011


TRESemmé Professional Salon Quality Hair Care products with high-performance result yet without expensive salon price is launched in Singapore.  The award winning  revolutionized hair care help consumers  achieve  professional quality  results  in  the  comfort  of  their  home globally with  TRESemmé   range  of  super pocket friendly shampoos  and conditioners 900ml salon size at only S$14.90.

TRESemmé Singapore Professional Salon Quality Hair Care products

With  TRESemmé ,  great looking hair is  literally just  a  bottle  away  in today’s  hectic  lifestyles  as the perfect professional finish tailored for home use.

TRESemmé  Moisture Rich

TRESemmé  ranks highly in the top 10 in  every country  it’s sold, proving that TRESemmé is a winner with No.1 sales chart winner in USA for styling products and No.5 on UK hair chart , with bumper sales  of  over  £40  million  in  its first  year launch in 2004 and now the  fastest  growing  hair  care  brand  in Canada and fastest growing styling brand in Australia! 

TRESemmé Professional Salon Quality  Shampoo
Formulated with  Aloe,  Vitamin  C  and  Keratin,  each  salon-sized 900ml shampoos and conditioners bottle  is filled  with  goodness  to  improve  the  condition  of  your  hair and to cater to the needs of every hair type and styling need to achieve the hair  you dream about, akin to  salon

At TRESemmé  Singapore Media Preview, I was treated to a pampering hair session with TRESemmé hair care by Vintage Studio Creative Director.

                             TRESemmé Singapore Hair Styling at Vintage StudioTRESemmé Singapore Hair Styling Vintage Studio Holland Village

After cleansing my hair with TRESemmé  Deep Cleansing Shampoo and conditioning with Moisture Rich Shampoo and Conditioner, he used the tongs to give me soft wavy curls and chosed TRESemmé salon quality styling spray to set the curls. I heart the lovely scent of the shampoo and conditioner as well as the relaxing head and shoulder massage. Love the way he styled my glamourous curls.  

TRESemmé Hair Styling at Vintage Studio Singapore
TRESemmé Shampoo and Conditioner are available in  Moisture Rich, Colour Revitalising, Anti Breakage, Salon Silk and Deep Cleansing Shampoo and All hair types Re-moisturising conditioner.

TRESemmé Professional Hair
TRESemmé  Moisture Rich Shampoo and Conditioner 
Developed to restore moisture and strength to the hair with its Vitamin E, natural extracts of  sunflower,  hazelnut and almond, Moisture  Rich is best  suited  for  dry  and  damaged  hair as it protect hair from further d damage.

                                   TRESemme Singapore Moisture Rich Shampoo 900mlTRESemme Singapore Moisture Rich Conditioner 900ml
TRESemmé  Colour Revitalising Shampoo and Conditioner

Thanks to its special formulas of UV  filters,  Vitamin  E  and  pure  aloe with  colour  locking  complex, Colour Revitalising  helps  to  maintain vibrant and healthy looking hair.
                            TRESemme Colour Revitalising Shampoo 900mlTRESemme Colour Revitalising Conditioner 900ml
TRESemmé  Anti Breakage Shampoo and Conditioner
Specially  tailored  for  the  dry,  damaged  and  brittle  straw-like  hair  constantly  exposed  to heat  and brushing, the Anti-Breakage formula infused with  B12  and  Keratin  helps  to  strengthen  and  protect  hair  against split ends and breakage, leaving hair soft, manageable and 
                              TRESemme Anti Breakage Shampoo 900mlTRESemme Anti Breakage Conditioner 900ml
TRESemmé  Salon Silk Shampoo and Conditioner 

Best for rebellious, frizz prone and coarse hair, the  Salon  Silk  range  is  fortified  with  Vitamin  H and  almond,  which  help  to  nourish  and  tame  frizziness for  soft, shiny and manageable hair.

                               TRESemme Singapore Salon Silk Shampoo 900mlTRESemme Singapore Salon Silk Conditioner 900ml
TRESemmé  Deep Cleansing Shampoo 

Loaded with Vitamin C, grapefruit and lemon peel extracts for that extra zest, Deep Cleansing Shampoo is  a  perfect  solution  for  those  who  are  constantly  exposed to  the  environmental  pollutions  and help  to  remove  build-up  and pollutants. Suitable for daily use on all hair types.

TRESemme Singapore  Deep Cleansing Shampoo 900ml

TRESemmé  All hair types Re-moisturising Conditioner 
  Infused with Vitamin  B5, aloe  and cucumber  extracts,  this light-weight formula  conditioner is  suitable  for daily use on all  hair  types and helps  to  moisturise  and  restore manageability.   
    TRESemme Singapore Remoisturising Conditioner 900ml
The  TRESemmé  trademark Black (Shampoo) and White (Conditioner) salon-sized hair care products retails at S$14.90 for 900ml usually but  its on special introductory price at S$11.90 now at  all  Guardian  stores, while stocks last


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