26 February 2009


I attended IPSA Skin De-Stressing Workshop held at Beauty Hub at Raffles Hotel

ipsa destressing workshop

Do you know that early signs of aging like dryness, decline in resilience, visible pores and uneven skin texture are results from various skin stresses ?
IPSA’s Professional Trainer. Michelle shared with us the some causes of fatigue skin, how to destress our skin, ways to prevent and treat distress skin.

Michelle mentioned common concerns like spots, freckles, dullness, uneven skin tones, dryness wrinkles and fine lines. Some factors that stresses Skin are harmful UV rays, diet, fatigue, late nights, smoking.
Michelle stressed the important of Cleansing, moisturizing and protection from harmful UV rays , pollutions and free radicals.

Understanding our skin and using the right products are very important.

Michelle gave a brief introduction of IPSA and introduced IPSA star product the Metabolizer, which is available in 4 different range to suit difficult skin types and concerns. Time reset cream, CS1 (gel cream) & CS2 (rich cream) and the Day Protector Shelter (IPSA Sunblock) are also popular.

ipsa ipsa timereset
ipsa cs1 ipsa cs2 IPSA protector

To prevent distress skin, we should cleanse properly, exfoliate regularly, apply the right skincare immediately after bath to lock moisture and apply sunblock everyday.

Remember the tips babes !


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