16 February 2009


Uniqlo, Japan No. 1 high quality basic casual apparel brand is opening 2 stores in Singapore, their first in South East Asia.

uniqloshop uniqlotee
I'm very exited that Uniqlo is finally reaching Singapore. I have a soft spot for Uniqlo as its a familiar brand in London where i used to live. Uniqlo have 4 stores in Oxford Street alone, others in trendy Regent street, Kensington and Knightsbridge and 7 other stores across London. You could find Uniqlo at every trendy shopping area. They are that popular !

These are the Uniqlo papers i had picked up previously last year in London.
uniqlomag01 uniqlomag02
I'm particularly fond of their cashmere jumpers as they are oh so warm and very affordable price for the high quality. Uniqlo is always coming up with new trendy wear with simplicity and yet so basic that you could wear them daily. A spectrum of rainbow colours struck you as you enter the clean white stores. Visit Uniqlo and you will definitely be a convert !
uniqlologo uniqlo cashmere


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