13 February 2009


Next I attended Dior More Addict Private Event at Isetan Scotts.


The highlight was on Dior’s latest Pro Face Creator in a signature Dior golden carnage case. This fabulous kit consists of a shading powder, blusher, concealer and highlighting powder, together with a Backstage Mini Cheek Brush and a Backstage Concealer/Highlighter Applicator.

The Pro Eye Creator is in a signature Dior gun-metallic silver carnage case. This wonderful kit consists of a choice of Dior’s highly popular 5-colour Eye shadow Palettes/5-Color Iridescent Eye shadow Palette and most sellable Dior Iconic mascara with a Backstage Eyeshadow Brush M.


Dior Make Up Artiste, Christopher demonstrated on Rebecca, the lovely Canadian model. First he used the Pro Face Creator kit. He applied the highlighting powder and used the concealer on areas which requires coverage.

Next, he uses Dior latest 5 Colour Designer eyeshadow to enhance Rebecca’s eyebrow and eyes.
diorspring6 diorspring7
diorspring10 diorspring09

Using Dior best seller, the Iconic mascara that helps to lift, lengthen and curls the lashes without using an eye lash cyrler to create more defined lashes.


Christopher uses Dior highly popular Skin Flash to highlight Rebecca’s face. Then he uses the shading powder from Pro Face Creator kit to shade the side of Rebecca’s face before applying the blusher.Finally he uses the lip neutralizer to neutralize Rebecca’s lips before applying the beautiful spring lip color on Rebecca.

diorspring14 diorspring15
P1042598 P1042599

Doesnt Rebecca look gorgeous with the latest Dior colours ?


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