10 April 2013


Tim Ho Wan Singapore Plaza Singapura is Hong Kong’s Dim Sum 1 Michelin starred Chinese restaurant by Chef Mak Kwai Pui at Mongkok and Sham Sui Po, Kowloon Island,  famed as the cheapest dining to be on the reserved list .

Dim sum fresh favourites Tim Ho Wan signature dishes include the Big Four Heavenly King – Baked BBQ pork Char Siew bun, pan fried turnip cake lo bak gou, steam egg cake ma lai gou and vermicelli rice roll cheong fun stuffed with pig liver ($3.80 to $5.50 each)

TIM HO WEN SINGAPORE DIM SUM Baked BBQ pork Char Siew bun pepper CHINESE RESTAURANT 1 MICHELIN STAR PLAZA SINGAPURA pan fried turnip cake lo bak gou steam egg cake vermicelli rice roll cheong fun pig liver prawns beef desserts ERA

With a dim sum menu of 28 items, enjoy favourites like Tim Ho Wan har gao prawn dumpling,  siew mai pork dumpling, phoenix claws chicken feet, rice roll cheong fun with prawns, char siew, beef or pig liver, deep fried spring roll with crab meat and egg white, beef ball or prawns with beancurd skin, pork ribs or chicken feet with black beans sauce  and glutinous rice dumpling ($3.80 to $5.50 each).

Try Cantonese congee with lean pork, century and salted eggs, steamed rice with beef, fried egg, chicken, Chinese sausage, mushroom or pork rib (S$6 each). Osmanthus cake or yam puree with sago (S$3.50 each)complete your authentic Hong Kong meal.

TIM HO WAN DIM SUM SINGAPORE char siew BBQ pork bun beef ball prawns beancurd skin, pork ribs chicken feet black beans glutinous rice dumpling,  Cantonese congee with lean Pork, century eggs, Osmanthus cake yam puree sago

Chef Mak worked at Michelin-starred Lung King Heen, Four Seasons Hotel previously and was awarded 1 Michelin star for his Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum Restaurant in 2009. Freshly made dim sum upon order is the secret of success.

Helming Singapore Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum restaurant is Chef Fung who was with Singapore Marriott Hotel, Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant and now the 80 seats casual dining tables and takeaway counter. Simply take a queue number, run your errands or shop around and a SMS notification will be sent once your table is ready, no reservations allowed.

Snaking queues lines at the take away counters and long waiting time for dining tables are expected as Singaporeans are known to be die hard foodies, trained at queuing for hours for popular food outlets.

UPDATE ; The SMS alert service and takeaways have ceased and will be implemented at a later date as Tim Ho Wan is overwhelmed by patient diners who queued an average of 90 minutes at least just for their dim sum.

Tim Ho Wan Singapore 1 Michelin Star Hong Kong Dim Sum Chinese restaurant Plaza Singapura  har gao prawn dumpling, siew mai pork phoenix claws chicken feet, rice roll cheong fun with prawns, char siew beef deep fried crab roll

Prices here are almost twice as expensive comparing to Tim Ho Wan Hong Kong prices due to Singapore high rental and labour costs, its a small premium to pay without having to fly to HKG for cheapest Michelin starred cuisine although Old Hong Kong Legend at Raffles City have good Cantonese Dim Sum.

Tim Ho Wan Singapore 添好運 1 Michelin Star Hong Kong Dim Sum Chinese restaurant is located at Plaza Singapura,  68 Orchard Road #01-29A   Singapore 238839,  telephone 6251 2000 (opposite Starbucks), priced affordably and  open from 10am to 10pm daily. Tim Ho Wan second outlet  at ERA Centre Toa Payoh Lorong 6 will open in the third quarter 2013, with up to 6 restaurants by year end.


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