28 August 2011


JPOT by JUMBO Group of Restaurants located at Vivocity  is a concept that is uniquely Singaporean from the award-winning culinary team to honour the tradition of hotpot dining here with seven, exquisite Singapore-style hotpot soup bases with quality fresh ingredients for an unbeatable hotpot experience .

jpot Hotpot Singapore Style Vivocity

Fresh quality is a feature of JPOT and diners can look forward to expect choice ingredients ranging from Premium Wagyu Ribeye, Kurobuta Pork,  ‘live’ lobster and seafood  to fresh mushrooms and greens cooked in healthy individual broth pots with individual cutlery for hygiene.

JPOT-Vivocity-Jumbo-Seafood_thumb6JPOT KUROBU PORKJPOT  Vivocity

Enjoy the sumptuous fresh food hotpot in cozy aircon  indoors or alfresco waterfront dining with stunning view of Sentosa.

JPOT Vivocity alfesco dining

BEAUTERUNWAY was invited by JPOT for a food tasting. Upon arrival, the friendly service staff ushered us to a window seat with brilliant view of Sentosa.

JPOT Hotpot setting

JPOT provides individual broth pots with individual cutlery for hygiene including individual tongs for cooking.

JPOT individual tongs

There is a wide array of quality  fresh selection including seafood, meat and poultry, mushrooms, vegetables, yong tau foo and even dim sum for a-la carte orders to tantalize our taste buds with  the 7 Singapore-style hotpot soup bases. Set meals are also available for ease of selection.

JPOT Set meal vivocity

After placing our orders, we proceeded to JPOT Seasoning and Condiments bar, a JPOT signature feature where more than a hundred variations dips can be achieved with JPOT soya sauce, sha cha sauce, fried garlic, garlic chili and more . Diners are able to personalized their very own dip for their hotpot, according to your likes or simply follow JPOT Sauce recipes

JPOT dips sances Seasonings and conditions JPOT Sauce receipe

BEAUTERUNWAY’s JPOT dip is mixed with a little of each sauce and condiment with lots of fried garlic with a dash of chili.

       JPOT sauce and condimentsJPOT Hotpot dip

JPOT signature handmade pork ball, signature handmade fish noodle, fresh fish fillet, yong tau foo and mushroom combination looking fresh and yummy!

JPOT Handmade Pork Ball, Yong Tau Foo, Mushroom Combination, Fish Paste, Red Garoupa Fish FilletJPOT Silky Porrige soup base

This is JPOT signature fish noodle presented in a unique piping bag for some added fun for JPOT hotpot experience. Made from fresh fish, it is simply divine.

JPOT Fish Paste

Simply squeeze and the silky smooth fish paste will ooze out according, fun and yummy experience.

JPOT Fish paste in silky porridge

We chose JPOT Superior Broth and Silky Porridge as our individual soup base.  A difficult choice as there are 7 soup broths available including Bak Kut The, Vegetarian, Herbal, Laksa and Tom Yum are so tempting.

JPOT Silky Porridge or popularly known in Mandarin as 无米粥 is a fine gruel broth that coats all ingredients cooked in it with a delightful smoothness while gently coaxing their nutritive benefits. Created from a custom blend of premium rice grains, the amazing silken texture is achieved by finely milling and brewing the grains for hours and is a great comfort food for those who prefer the taste and texture of a rice porridge gruel that isn't too heavy on the palate yet able to embrace many of JPOT's fine selections of ingredients.

Light, tasty, healthy and gentle to our digestive system, it is a broth most suitable for everyone  from the very young to the old.

JPOT Fish Paste in Silky porridge soup base

JPOT Superior Broth is a healthy and collagen rich broth. Brewed with a blend of chicken and pork bones, the tasty and rich collagen broth is painstaking simmered for hours  before it is served. An excellent choice for convalescing individuals, children and the elderly or someone who enjoys wholesome goodness, the MSG-free broth is versatile and goes especially well with live seafood, premium meats and dim sum specialties.
Natural, nutrious home made goodness for healthy glowing skin!

JPOT SUperior Broth with fish paste

Yong Tau Foo with fresh fish paste.

JPOT Yong tau fu

Fresh Fish slices and into my healthy Silky Porridge soup base !

JPOT Fresh Red Garoupa Fish FilletJPOT Seafood, pork ball, fish slice, yong tau fu in silky porridge

Mushroom combination with Enoki, Shitake Emperor, Buna Shimeji, King Oyster, White Oyster and Mushroom. Healthy, nutritious and full of anti-oxidants!

JPOT Mushroom combination

JPOT handmade pork ball is a signature item and must try. Fresh premium pork is molded into a tennis size ball and is served with a wooden spatula.

JPOT handmade pork ball signature must try

It was a lovely experience sectioning the hand made pork ball into the soup broth, I felt like a great chef at work!

JPOT Pork Ball, silky porrige, fish paste, superior broth, fried fish skin, yong yau foo, mango italian soda

JPOT fried fish skin using specially selected carp is the best I had ever tried. Crispy, nutritious and delicious, all the nutrients in the fish is actually on the fish skin.  Made daily, this dish is often sold out! Must try and if you order JPOT fried fish as takeaway, it will remain fresh and crispy in the airtight container for a week, that is if you have resisted the temptation to finish all at one go!

JPOT Fried Fish Skin

Another favorite and must have! JPOT premium Wagyu Ribeye. Fresh and evenly marbled, succulent and decadent !


Our healthy, nutritious and collagen rich JPOT superior broth and silky porridge soup base with JPOT fresh quality ingredients.

JPOT Superior Broth mushroom pork ball fish slice yong tau fu
JPOT mushroom fish yong tau fu in silky porridge soup base

Kiwi and Nata de coco are chockfull of Vitamin C, low in fat and cholesterol and in high dietary fibre and is served with ice cream as a refreshing dessert choice.

JPOT Ice cream with kiwi

Fresh young coconut with fibre and Mango Italian Soda completes the JPOT hotpot experience.

                JPOT Coconut DrinkJPOT Mango Italian Soda

JPOT VivoCity features round-table, cozy booth or small group sitting in air-conditioned comfort or enjoy alfresco dining with a serene view of the harbour. Perfect for intimate girl’s night out, get-togethers, family celebrations or even just for a relaxing, solitary meal.

Operation hours are from Mondays to Fridays (Lunch: 12:00 noon to 3:00pm Dinner: 6:00pm to 11:00pm) and  Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays 12:00 noon to 11:00pm. Ring (65) 6273 3536 for reservations and enquires and  or click here for online reservation.

JPOT Vivocity

I enjoyed my first JPOT hotpot experience tremendously as it offers healthy nutritious goodness for beauty wellness with its collagen rich MSG –free broth and quality fresh food in relaxing comfortable ambience with aircon. I am not a hotpot fan but after discovering JPOT, I am a convert and wish there are more outlets in Singapore and particularly in East Coast where I reside.

JPOT is located at 1 HarbourFront Walk #01-53 , VivoCity (Lobby F), SIngapore. Do join JPOT Singapore Facebook page  as there are exclusive Facebook promotions and dining vouchers up for grabs!

*Photographs are taken using the new PANASONIC GF3 and Dress from JOOP, selected pictures are courtesy from JPOT.


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