18 March 2011


PUMA SOCIAL CLUB SINGAPORE - True to the belief of Puma Social that victory doesn’t always come in the form of winning an on-field  goal,  one may  also  keep  track  of  their  very  own  Lifescore  Board  an  interactive  online application available at www.puma-social.com.sg   or  submit/vote  for  their best heard “pick-up line”  in  social  situations  at  this  website.  Exclusive  VIP  passes  to  the  Finale  Party  and  $20 vouchers to be won when one registers as a member on the Puma Social’s official website. 

11SS-LS-SOCIAL_Marathons-Balleracer_210x297mmSocial Logo

Take part in PUMA <Got The Balls> challenge with Puma Social Card (available at Puma retail stores) to collect as many balls as possible through various redemption channels. One winner and 3 friends win the opportunity to be styled and decked out in the latest Puma gear to attend the Finale Party hosted by <Puma Social Club>. The top 10 contestants with the most number of balls collected at the Finale Party will be chauffeured by compliments of PUMA Social to the after party at ZOUK

Puma Social Got the balls challenge
More updates on PUMA SOCIAL CLUB , PUMA Singapore Facebook Fan page and BEAUTERUNWAY.


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