26 August 2010


I ALWAYS LOVE SHOES, i have 400 plus pairs of shoes to date. But recently, i think my feet might have grown bigger or either that the cuts of the shoes are getting smaller, i need to wear UK8/EU41/US10  which is alarming as some designs stop at size 40 or brands bring in selected design in size 41. The only good thing is i buy less shoes as they do take up alot of storage space, but the bad thing is i cant buy the shoes i fancy !!!
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Recently at Zara, i spotted 2 gorgeous pair of shoes but they are both size 40 ! I was debating to purchase them anyway for collection as they were on sale but my friend stopped me saying its pointless and impractical and dragged me out of Zara but she did agree that they are gorgeous and accompanied me to 2 more Zara stores to see if they have in Size 41. I have visited all the Zara Stores a couple of weeks ago and they only stock up size 40 as they are Special Edition and not every size is brought in ! I only have 2 pairs of shoes from Zara and i purchased them in Hong Kong. There are much more stocks and designs in size 41 there and not here. So sad !
So nowdays, although it may sound silly, i tend to purchase at least 2 pairs of the same design/colour if it fits.
I will continue my conquest for gorgeous leather shoes !


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