20 August 2010



All contending bloggers are automatically advanced to the next round to attend an AQUALABEL Skincare Workshop to understand the brand and products better.

  AqualabelAqualabel  Moisturising

AQUALABEL , a masstige brand by whitening pioneer Shiseido, with 100 years of whitening experience was developed with a focus on Asian women, likely to be a working lady in her late 20s to 40s, who is conscientious about skincare, pigmentation, ageing issue and like quality skincare with pocket friendly prizes. AQUALABEL was crowned as Japan No. 1 Whitening and Anti-aging brand in the self select category after its official launch in February 2006 and is available at 13,000 stores in Japan.

Currently sold in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, AQUALABEL continue to deliver their promise to infuse skin with sufficient amounts of moisture. As most of us are aware, the lack of moisture is the root of all skin evils like fine lines, wrinkles, dull skin, roughness and lack of radiance etc.

Aqualabel IntroductionDry skin

AQUALABEL Technology infuses your skin with intense moisture through its Supercharging Skincare System.
Aqualabel PowerAqualabel Technology

Promising to Sink, Saturates and Seal your skin

  • Aqua Synergy blends with both water and lipids in your skin to powerfully charge moisture and skincare ingredients into your skin.

  • Biocompatible Hydrating Liquid and The Double Hyaluronic Acid replenishes your skin’s Natural Moistening Factors, keeping your skin hydrated all day.

  • Aqua Keeping Base helps to Seal moisture within with its Moisture Membrane
Aqualabel key ingredientsAqualabel - Sink SynergyAqualabel - Saturates Seal
There are 3 range in AQUALABEL PRODUCT RANGE LINEUP – Whitening, Moisturising and Anti-Acne Whitening
Aqualabel skincare range

  • M-Tranexamic Acid – Prevents pigmentation by inhibiting melanin production

  • Saxifrage Extract & Peony Extract – Brighten skin by removing dead skin cells

  • Aqua Synergy – Blends easily to supercharge other effective ingredients into deeper layers of skin

  • Moist Aqua Keeping Base – Plumps up skin with moisture and locking them in
  • Collagen Glycerin – Collagen plumps up the skin for youthful and supple skin
  • Apricot Extract – Promotes production of Skin’s natural Moisturising factors to keep skin moisturised all day long
  • Moist Aqua Keeping Base – Plumps up skin by infusing moisture and locking them in
  • Aqua Synergy – Blends easily with water and oil to supercharge other effective ingredients into the deeper skin layers
  • Winter Begonia & Glycerin – Prevents acne and improves rough skin texture
  • Glycyrrhizin Acid – Prevents inflammation and development of acne
  • Lasting Stable Vitamin C Derivatives – Inhibits melanin accumulation and lightens pigmentations and scars
  • Aqua Synergy – Blends easily with water and oil to supercharge other effective ingredients into the deeper skin layers
  • Moist Aqua Keeping Base – Plump up skin by infusing moisture and locking them in
AQUALABEL AQUA ENHANCER WT & MO is a powerful infusion skincare product to be used as the last step of your skincare routine. Super-charge your skin with a simple ‘Pat Pat’ motion
Aqualabel Enhancer wt Aqualabel also believes in holistic experience and to create a sensation in our senses beyond the touch, all Aqualabel products contains a refreshing light rose scent to lift our mood. How thoughtful and so theraptic !
Aqualabel Blogger workshop
Next, we were encourage to try the Aqualabel Skincare Range. As i have already tried Aqualabel Whitening Range during Aqualabel Preview, this entry i would be concentrating on Aqualabel Moisturing Range that i tried today at the workshop.
Aqualabel Moisturising Range
The Aqualabel Moisturing Skincare Routine starts with Creamy Oil Cleansing (S$17.50). As there were no washing facilities, after using the creamy oil cleansing which is a gentle makeup remover, we were given cotton pads to wipe off the impurities on our skin followed by a hot towel to kill the bacteria on our skin. The Creamy oil cleanser cleanses well without the oily feeling.
Aqualabel Moisturising cleanserAqualabel Moisturising cleansr 02Aqualabel Moisturising Cleansing
Step 2 : Soften with Aqualabel Moisture Lotion (S$24.90) to deeply hydrates skin with moisture and locks in high concentrations of Moist Aqua Keeping Base (S: Fresh for Normal to oily/normal skin/R:Moist for Normal to Dry/Dehydrated Skin ) Pour a few drops on a cotton pad and apply in a swiping motion.
Soften- Step 2Aqualabel  Moisturising white up lotion
Step 3 :- Aqualabel Special Care Moist Essence – 4 Variant (S$29.90 each)
  • Moist Essence GG: Intensive essence to minimise appearance of porses
  • Moist Essence HA: Intensive essence to minimise appearance of fine lines
  • Moist Essence CL: Intensive essence to plump up cheeks
  • Moist Net Essence : Plumps up skin from deep within as it releases moisturising ingredients and seals it in with a formula containing a concentrated amount of double hyaluronic acid with moist net technology.
aqualabel moisturising essences
Depending on your concern, use the different type of Moist Essence for the targeted areas or chose Moist Net Essence as a all rounder. The gel like texture is light and quick absorbing.
aqualabel moisturising essenceAqualabel Essence 1Aqualabel essence 2Aqualabel essence 3
STEP 3 : Special Care – Moisture Charge Mask (S$22.90 for a pack of 4 sheet mask)
The Aqualabel Moist Charge Mark contains powerful ingredients - Double Hyaluronic Acid, Double Collagen Glycerin and Moist Aqua Keeping Base to replenish skin with sufficient moisture. Say hello to firm skin with the unique S- shaped cuts in the mask which has lifting effect.
Aqualabel Moisture Charge maskAqualabel Moisture Charge mask close up
The mask was dripping with moisture when i opened it. I like the open eyes around the eyes which can be folded or snipped off and act as a second layer to areas that need further moisture. My face feels ultra hydrated !!
After removing the mask, AQUALABEL’s trainer demonstrated the 5 massage technique for better absorption of mask essence.
Aqualabel massage techniques
Step 4 :- Moisturise with Aqualabel Moisture Emulsion (S -Normal to Oily/Combination skin, R - Normal to Dry/ dehydrated skin (S$27.90)
Moisture Emulsion contain Moisture Aqua Keeping Base, Collagen GL and keep skin infused with moisture, plump and youthful , help in promoting production of Natural Moisturising Factors,the texture is extremely lightweight.
Step 5 : Aqualabel Moist Aqua Enhancer MO S$24.90
AQUALABEL AQUA ENHANCER WT & MO contains high concentration of Aqua Synergy, a powerful infusion skincare product to be used as the last step of your skincare routine to force essential skincare ingredients into the deeper layers of skin so that nutrients are maximally absorbed.  Extremely lightweight in texture, Aqua Enhancer Super-charge your skin and skin appears plumps up. 
Aqualabel Enhancer wt Aqualabel enhancer mo
Aqua Enhancer is my favourite Aqualabel product. Do not swipe the cotton pad as it will wipe away products from the previous steps. Simply Pat Pat on your skin for the aqua enhancer to work its magic !
Step 6 : Sun Protection with Aqualabel Moist Protect Milk UV SPF28/PA ++ S$24.90
Containing Double Hyaluronic Acid and Moist Aqua keeping base, this sunblock not only shield your skin from the sun, it also keep your skin moisturised. I like this product too. its my 2nd favourite after Enhancer. Its very lght weight in texture its very easy to blend compared to other types of sunblock as its very fluid.
Aqualabel moist protect milk uvAqualabel Milk uvAqualabel milk uv closeup
FINAL SKINCARE STEP : Aqualabel Moist Cream at Night or Aqualabel Moist Coat Essence in the day
Aqualabel Moisture cream P1090526
The Aqualabel Moisture Cream is a night cream that is infused with Moisture Aqua Keeping Base and contains capsulated collagen which releases moisture into sin and keeps it moisturized for hours. As a result, skin is well hydrated, firm and translucent! The texture is again light-weight and non-sticky. Just a tiny bit is all you need for hydrated skin.
Aqualabel moist coat essenceAqualabel Moisture cream and moist coat essence
Aqualabel Moist Coat Essence keeps your skin moisturized and blends effortlessly into your skin to conceal. This is great a its white in colour, it blends into your skin so your pores are sealed to create smooth even skin.

Aqualabel also have their very own Base Makeup range - Aqualabel White Up Base, White Liquid Foundation and White Powder Foundation.
Aqualabel base makeup
Aqualabel White Up Base S$24.90
  • Makeup Base for easy application and long lasting finish
  • Corrects dark spots, uneven colorations to achieve luminous skin
  • Aqua synergy technology formulated with a moisture retaining ingredient
  • SPF 25 /PA +
Aqualabel White Liquid Foundation S$25.50
  • Evens and brighten skin tone upon first application with White Cover Powder Base
  • SPF 25/PA +
  • Glides on smoothly and gives a lasting finish
  • Moisturises skin with Moist Aqua Keeping Base
  • Available in 5 shades, OC10, OC20, OC30, BO10, PO10
Aqualabel powder foundation, white up base and foundation
Aqualabel  White Powder Foundation S$28.50 for refill
  • Powder foundation instantly covers dark spots and freckles
  • Extremely lightweight finish
  • Dewy finish with a beautiful Glow as its contains Brightening Pearl
  • Keep skin supple with Moist Aqua Keeping Base
  • Available in 5 shades, OC10, OC20, OC30, BO10, PO10
I try the base makeup on my hand and the white up base and liquid foundation feels lightweight and blends easily. The powder foundation seems smooth.
To Sum up, Aqualabel Skincare Routine :-
Summary of Aqualabel Skincare Night Regimen
Aqualabel  Whitening
Aqualabel Moisturing
All participants received an Aqualabel Trial Kit and Press Materials after the Aqualabel Workshop. It was great meeting all the beauty babes and Thank You Aqualabel for organising  and an enjoyable evening !

This would be my last entry for Aqua Label Blogging Contest as i have other commitments. Good Luck to my dear friends. 
Aqualabel press material and trial kit


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