24 August 2010


Golden Village Yishun, the first multiplex in Singapore is ready for an extreme makeover after 18 years of operation. Golden Village Yishun opened with much fan fare and mega stars like Jackie Chan officiated the final phrase of the construction on 25th September 1991, Carina Lau, graced the Grand Opening Celebration in May 1992 and Jet Li visited Yishun 10 when he was in Singapore.

Golden Village YishunJackie Chan at Golden Village Yishun siteGolden Village yishun 10 GV Yishun 10 memories

Grand Opening of Golden Village Yishun 10 - Back then, it was an achievement to have a cinema with 10 movie halls. Golden Village enjoyed great success and have since expanded to 9 Cineplex in Singapore.

GV Yishun 10 openingGV yishun 

Thanks to Golden Village and Omy, i was invited for the Cocktail reception and the preview of Phua Chu Kang The Movie. Invited guests were treated to a buffet of Japanese and local delights before the preview screening of Phua Chu Kang The Movie at Hall 8 and The Police Story (Cantonese Version) at Hall 7.

GV Yishun Cocktail receptionIrene Ang, Gurmit Singh PCK movie Beaute Runway


Filmed in Malaysia, Phua Chu Kang The Movie is a touching and hilarious local comedy with strong use of Singlish, dialects and Malay. Phua Chu Kang is boisterous in his expressions and is very sentimental to his loved ones. I like Rosie outfit. The wardrobe stylist is extremely detailed, down to the  blings blings, ‘LV’ and ‘Chanel’.  Simple storyline with commendable efforts – some suspense and loads of laughter. Highly recommended!

Phua Chu Kang The MovieRosie & Phua Chu KangPhua Chu kang at the movies 

SPECIAL APPEARANCE BY PHUA CHU KANG & ROSIE - “Contractors" for the Renovation Party and main cast for PHUA CHU KANG THE MOVIE

Phua Chu Kang Movie Gurmit & IrenePhua Chu Kang Movie Gurmit & Irene 01

Phua Chu Kang & Rosie sharing with the audience the filming experience, revealing snippets of their roles and highlight of Phua Chu Kang The Movie. Gurmit and Irene could really make everyone in the audience laugh profusely with their dialogue! 

Rosie & Phua Chu Kang Golden Village Yishun 10Rosie & Phua Chu Kang Golden Village Yishun 10 Renovation Party

Latest style for Autumn 2010 ala Singapore Stylo Mylo Couple – Phua Chu Kang & Rosie.

This Fall, the trend in menswear is LOUD! You cant go wrong with ultra black & curly hair, CYC stripe shirt half unbutton with folded sleeves to reveal Diamond and Gold Rolex watch, Thick gold necklace, bracelet and rings. Up your sexiness by applying XO for hairy chest.

Rosie & Phua Chu Kang bling outfitsRosie 'Chanel' & Phua Chu Kang contractor boots

Ladies, ACCESSORIZE is the Key for RED CARPET! Check out the big beehive hair, vibrant eyeshadow, chilli red manicure, cheena pink necklace, countless blings rings, ang pow red belt, bat wing tunic, ‘D&G’ leopard print jeggings and ‘Chanel’ mules on Rosie.

A Demolition Hall was set aside for guests to bring home a piece of Golden Village Yishun for memories. You are free to take the cinema seats, seat number, arm rest, cup holders, lights, carpet, movie posters and even standees ! 

GV Yishun 10 Demolition HallBeaute Runway at GV Yishun 10 demolition hallGV Yishun hall 6GV 10 memoriesGolden village yishun demolition gifts

Adieus GV Yishun 10 for Now !

GV yishun hall 1 & 2GV yishun hall 9 & 10GV Yishun 10 hall 8GV Yishun10 hall 8GV Yishun 10 memories 3GV Yishun 10 uniform

Golden Village Yishun is close for 3 months of extensive renovations and will re-open in November. Look out for the grand opening celebration !


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