17 June 2010


I was invited to experience TOUCHE Elite latest luxurious Revoluntionary Anti-Aging treatment facial Grape Wine AntiOxidantsPLUS Treatment at the newly open TOUCHE Elite at Orchard Hotel Shopping Arcade.

Touche Elite Grand OpeningTouche Elite Grand Opening 19

TOUCHE Elite Branch Manager, Elaine greeted me with a warm smile and offered me a hot drink upon arrival before ushering me to TOUCHE Elite Skin Consultation Room where she understood my lifestyle habits and skincare concerns before doing a skin analysis using TOUCHE Elite Advanced Skin Analysis Machine.

My skin was good except for the presence of dead skin cells and some pigmentations. Elaine recommended Grape Wine AntiOxidantsPLUS Treatment with the skin regenerating effects of natural grape wine, advanced Chromo Electric Waves Technology to intensively stimulate collagen, refine skin texture and brighten and improve uneven skin pigmentations. Then my skin would be ready for DNA-RNA Platinum NanoPLUS Treatment to reverse aging and maintaining youthfulness on my next visit.

20% of the multi fruit acid complex from grape wine and fresh pulp helps to gently exfoliate and detoxify the epidermis while the polyphenol nutrients, anti-oxidants and Vitamin C & E makes this a total anti-aging treatment for all. Sounds good !
Touche Elite Grand Opening 17

Rachel, my clinical facial specialist ushered me to the facial room and adjusted the the lights so that it would be more relaxing. Rachel first uses a few drops of aromatherapy oil and rubbed between her palms before letting me inhale the scent when she placed her palms above my face.

Next Rachel gave me an aromatherapy massage, and cleanses my skin before applying Grape Wine AntiOxidantsPLUS to gently exfoliate my skin and detoxify using Lympathic massage techniques. Upon application, there is a slight tingling sensation due to the acidity of the grape wine extracts.

The grape wine and fresh pulp peel made the extractions a breeze as the top layers of dead skin cells were exfoliated. There were no sign of redness !

         Touche Elite Grape Wine AntiOxidantsPLUS TreatmentTouche Elite Grape Wine AntiOxidantsPLUS Treatment Lympathic

Key active ingredients in Grape Wine AntiOxidantsPLUS Treatment
  • Polyphenols – High Antioxidant compounds found in Grape Wine to protect skin from oxidative damage caused by free radicals
  • Vitamin C – Antioxidant that efficently defends the skin from free radicals and help to slow down aging actively
  • Vitamin E – Natural Antioxidant and skin condition agent primarily to enhance the appearance of dry or damaged skin by reducing flaking and restoring suppleness
Rachel also massaged my eye areas to reduce dark eye circles and improve oxygen circulation.

         Touche Elite Grape Wine AntiOxidantsPLUS Treatment Eye MasaageTouche Elite Grape Wine AntiOxidantsPLUS Treatment neck lympatic

Next, a hydrating serum spray was used to sooth my skin before Rachel applied Chromo Technology w/Electric Waves – a high intensity electric waves penetrating into the skin directly to effectively deep cleanse and unclog impurities and remove aged surface skin crells. Red wavelength of light stimulate and optimize skin’s metabolism and healing and Orange light regenerate and energizes the skin.

Touche Elite Grape Wine AntiOxidantsPLUS Treatment Chromo Waves  Technology with red and orange intensity lightsTouche Elite Grape Wine AntiOxidantsPLUS Treatment hydration mask 

A hydration mask or an Tri-CollagenPlus Marine Gel mask containing hylauronic acid, Vitamin C and E, grape seed extract, marine and deep sea extracts (depending on your skin condition) is applied as a final step to lock in the goodness of Grape Wine AntioxidantsPLUS Treatment. Rachel finished the soothing treatment with a back and shoulder massage.

Grape Wine AntiOxidantsPLUS Treatment is suitable for ALL Skin types in treating Aging, Dull, Fatigue, stressed or sun-damaged skin and fine lines and wrinkles to achieve accelerated cell metabolism for healthy skin, brighten and improve uneven skin pigmentation, refine skin texture, High antioxidant properties to retard aging process and effectively reduce wrinkles and aging lines

After the Grape Wine AntiOxidantsPLUS Treatment, my skin was exceptionally radiant and luminous instantly in just 1 treatment! My skin felt baby smooth, soft and refined, pores seems smaller and less visible. Highly recommended !

To celebrate the new launch, TOUCHE Elite is extending the Wine AntiOxidantsPLUS Treatment at S$175 (Usual Price $350) to ALL Beaute Runway Readers from now to end Jul.

Grape Wine AntiOxidantsPLUS Treatment is available only at TOUCHE Elite, located at 442 Orchard Road, Orchard Shopping Arcade #01-13. Please ring 62216612 for appointment and enquires.


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