18 June 2010


Lunasol 2010 Nature Summer Makeup Collection would be launched at Takashimaya next week. The collection consists of Control Makeup Base with gold earl pigments for nature lustrous radiance, Nature Summer Blue & Nature Summer Beige Eyeshadow Palette, Shining Eyes in Shining Gold and Shining Silver, Full Glamour Lip G in Shiny Beige and Coral Beige,  Full Glamour Gloss N in Shimmering Pink and Shimmering Orange, Modelling Face Colour and Nail Finish in Luster Gold, Blue and Coral.
            Lunasol nature summer 2010 collection base makeu n highlighterLunasol nature summer 2010 collection
Inspired by sparkling sea and dazzling sandy beaches under the summer sun, Lunasol Nature Summer Blue Palette EX01 with its turquoise and gold is perfect for a refreshing summer look and Nature Summer Beige Palette EX02 with its pink and beige to bring out the femineness in you.
 Lunasol nature summerblue 2010 collectionLunasol nature summer beige 2010 collection
Modelling Face colour in 5 colors for a summery look or use individually for a 3-D look. Shining eyes is a water based eye colour that adds a transuclent glow to your eyes. Available in EX06 Shining Gold and EX07 Shining Silver.
Lunasol nature summer 2010 collection highlighterLunasol nature summer 2010 collectionShiny eyes
Full Glamour Lip G formulated with beauty ingredients to moisturise and add sparkle to your lips in EX01 Shiny Beige and EX02 in Coral Beige. Full Glamour Gloss N blended with polarized pearl pigments in EX12 Shimmering Pink and EX13 Shimmering Orange.
Lunasol nature summer 2010 collection glamour lipsLunasol nature summer 2010 collection lip gloss EX12 & EX 13
I prefer the lips combo below – Shiny Beige and Shimmering orange, Coral Beige and Shimmering Pink.
Lunasol nature summer 2010 collection lipLunasol nature summer 2010 collection lips
Lunasol Nature Summer Collection are expected to arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday at Takashimaya. 250 Lunasol Summer Palettes are available and are expected to be OOS in no time !


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