05 June 2010


Want to achieve just one look that will mesmerize your beholders when they look into your eyes ? Beaute Runway reveals Top 5 secrets for a natural and elegant eye look with FreshKon® Mosaic Lenses.
freshkon mosaic lens colors

Secret #1 – Choose the cosmetic lenses according to your skin tone
  • Asian – For an exotic look with bright eyes, try Velvet Blue, Urban Grey & Charming Brown
  • Fair – All 4 colors suit a fair lady, try them all to emphasis your eyes
  • Olive – Enhance your golden olive skin with Velvet Blue and Charming Brown
  • Dark skin – For an instant brightening to your skin tone, try Velvet Blue, Luscious Green and Charming Brown
(L-R) FreshKon® Velvet Blue, FreshKon® Charming Brown, FreshKon Luscious Green

Secret #2 – Pick the right make-up shades for each color lenses
  • Velvet Blue  : Blue, Purple, Grey, Black, White, Brown,
  • Luscious Green : Blue, Black, Turquoise, Green, Brown, Gold, White, Pastel colours like lilac and light pink
  • Urban Grey : Grey, Pink, Black, Brown, Purple and Blue
  • Charming Brown : Brown, White, Gold, Silver, Black, Green and Blue
(L-R) FreshKon® Velvet Blue, FreshKon® Charming Brown, FreshKon Urban Grey

Secret #3 Essential make-up tools to have for a perfect eye look – brushes, mascara, eye shadows applicators
sephora bushes
  • Eyebrow brush helps to define and colour the eyebrows
  • Eyeshadow brush to apply eyeshadows to upper eyelid area. Eye shadows can also be extended to the crease up to the brow bone area
  • Eyeliner brush for application of gel or liquid eyeliners
  • Eye Pencil liner are used on the upper lashline as close to lashes as possible, starting from inner to outer corners. To create bigger eyes, line your lower lashline only a third from the outer corner
  • Mascara to add length, volume and colour to the eye lashes. Alternatively, use false eye lashes to create long lashes.

Secret #4 - The Perfect Eye look for every style, FreshKon® Mosaic Lens brings out the Best in You !
IMG_7991IMG_8384 IMG_8420
(L-R) FreshKon® Velvet Blue, FreshKon® Charming Brown, FreshKon Luscious Green

  • Velvet Blue  : Enhance the cool beauty of your features to deliver ever mesmerizing eyes for a sensual you.

  • Luscious Green : Chic and ultra Captivating eyes for a radiant confident woman

  • Urban Grey : 100% Sheer Class, Perfect for PMEB from daily wear to office meetings.

  • Charming Brown : Adds irresistible charm, sparkle and warmth for an attractive demure look

    Secret # 5  - Prep your peepers, keep them hydrated with an eye gel and Experience FreshKon Mosaic Lenses ~ Be Beautiful  Always !  
     benefit staay dont straytoofaced shadow insurancesephora smoothing primerpaul & joe primer uv

  • Always apply eye gel/cream to keep fine lines and wrinkles away.

  • Use a primer on your eye lids, choose a dedicated eye primer like Benefit Cosmetics Stay Don’t Stray, Urban Decay Eye shadow Primer Potion, TooFaced Shadow Insurance or try Sephora Smoothing Primer, Paul & Joe UV Primer, Cle de Peau Beaute Makeup Base.

  • Experience FreshKon® Mosaic Lenses, Be Beautiful  and try out Velvet Blue and Luscious Green lenses for a chic, confident and sensual look and Urban Grey and Charming Brown Lenses for a charming, classy and attractive look


  • IMG_8387IMG_8068

    FreshKon® Mosaic Lenses recommended retail price is S$38 for a pair of lenses (1 box) and are available at all major optical stores.
    Special Promotion : Buy 1 box and get 2nd box at HALF PRICE, Grab them NOW ! Offer valid till 25th July, while stocks last


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