25 March 2010


Marc By Marc Jacobs bag with bag charm which is branded with Can Cam Japanese Magazine arrived at Kinokuniya Book Store today. There are about 300 copies and are slowly released onto the shelves. I am not sure if this is to deter bulk purchases but everyone seems to be buying a few copies, probably for their friends who cant rush down to Kinokuniya these 2 days. No reservations are allowed this time round as its such a ‘hot’ magazine.

marc by matc jacobmarc jacob small bag

Marc by Marc Jacobs bag is made of nylon and polyester. Measuring 19X7X15, its really tiny, much smaller than the popular Agnes B. lunch bag branded with Steady Magazine. I purchased this bag out of curiosity actually as i always preferred more roomy totes. The interior consists of 1 pocket on one side and 2 compartment and 1 pen slot on the other side.

marc by marc jacobs interiormarc by marc jacons bag n charmmarc by marc jacob interior single pocketmarc by marc jacob 3 compartment
Close up of Marc By Marc Jacobs Bag with bag charm (back and front ) . I like the subtle shimmers on the white Marc By Marc Jacobs words.
marc by marc jacobs backmarc by marc jacab bag charm
Retailing at S$19.30, it seems a bit pricey for a Japanese Magazine freebie but Marc Jacobs fans would love it and its definitely a small price to pay for authentic licensed products.


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