18 March 2010


Fancl collaborated with famed German illustrator, Irma to create a Limited Edition Snow White fairytale design for its best selling Mild Cleansing Oil, affectionately known as MCO . Snow White was celebrated for her fresh, warm and gentle image, Irma aptly depicts Snow White in vibrant hues, living happily in the forest with flora and fauna amidst the tranquility of the woods.

                      Fancl snow white mco Fancl snowwhite mco.gif

The Snow White fairytale limited edition whimsical collectible motif with Fancl best selling MCO is a sure winner with everyone.

Dubbed the "Perfect Blend Oil", the preservative-free Mild Cleansing Oil protects and retains skin's natural moisture. Other benefits includes

  • Powerful formulation of ideal blend of oils for easy removal of long-lasting makeup like foundation, stubborn silicon-based mascaras and lip colours.
  • Enriched with gentle yet effective Meadow Foam Oil extracted from Meadow Foam seeds, it aids in removing keratin plugs which clog up the skin.
  • Dissolves the dirt in pores, clearing even the most stubborn of grime after a rinse without leaving any oily residue.

  • Green Tea Catechin Oil helps to remove free radicals on skin surface

  • Anti-inflammatory Rosehip Oil to facilitate smooth application with minimal friction.

  • Over time, you'll notice a clearer, smoother and radiant complexion, with skin well prepped for the rest of your skincare routine.

FANCL Limited Edition Snow White Fairytale Collection Mild Cleansing Oil retails at $33 for 120ml (branded with a complimentary 20ml bottle)  from 26 March 2010 at all FANCL outlets.


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