19 June 2011


Leaders Clinic Ampoule and Essence masks from Korea have arrived in Singapore! The highly popular best selling revolutionary Leaders Clinic masks were developed by top clinical Dermatologic specialists  in Korea and contains an ENTIRE bottle of highly concentrated ampoule or essence of nutrients and vitamins that your skin needs, renewing your skin to look and feel like it has received professional skin management. Gentle and effective, the dermatology tested masks are suitable even for sensitive skins.

Voted unanimously by many top Korean celebrities including Daniel Hennley as their favourite clinical brand, more than 500,000 Leaders Clinic masks are sold every single month in Korea. Thanks to the effectiveness of Leaders clinic masks, the popularity of the masks have topped the sales chart in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.
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Leaders Clinic is a cosmedical brand that was developed by Dermatologic specialists of Leaders Skin Clinic based on the principles of Treatments used in Dermatological clinics targeted at the various skin care concerns. The masks are available in two ranges, Special Care line and Intensive Care line which comprises of an entire ampoule and highly concentrated essence respectively.

The uniqueness of Leaders Clinic Ampoule  Mask is that it contains an ENTIRE bottle of highly concentrated ampoule of nutrients and vitamins that your skin needs. Simply place the ampoule mask on your face and soak in the goodness for supple, hydrated skin, bringing out the natural radiance and glow in your skin.

Leaders Clinic Clinie Masks

Manufactured in Korea under dedicated care and strict laboratory tests of quality control, Leaders Clinic masks are dermatology tested and made of Silk cellulose. It adheres snugly on the skin without bubbling while the sheerness of the mask allows the skin to breathe easier and aids in efficient absorption of the unique blend of ingredients.

I received press samples of LEADERS CLINIC MASKS including I.P.L  Whitelux  ampoule mask, P.D.T AC-Dressing  ampoule mask, N.M.F Aquaringer ampoule mask, TeaTree Healing solution Essential Mask, Caviar Repairing Essential mask, Collagen Infusion Essential mask, Platinum V-lift Essential mask and Vita Whitebeam Essential mask.

I.P.L  Whitelux  ampoule mask

Containing Vitamin C-AAG, Arbutin and Mulberry bark extract to brighten and revitalize, helps to  lighten pigmentation, reduce skin dullness and improve uneven skin tone.

P.D.T AC-Dressing  ampoule mask

This hypoallergenic mask, uses anti-acne ingredients like Centella Asiatica, Triclosan on trouble skin for effective relief and sebum control for normal to oily skin. The combined elements penetrates your pores to reduce acne blemishes.

Natural Moisturizing Factors (N.M.F) Aquaringer ampoule mask
Hyalronic Acid, Ceramide, Natural Moisturizing Factors significantly increase hydration and intense moisturizing that reveals a softer and smoother looking skin. This combination helps in balancing the sebum and helps to tighten the pores.

Caviar Repairing Essential mask
Premium ingredient like Caviar, is known to be good for skin renewal together with Chitosan and Witch hazel water provides intensive nourishment and revitalizes the skin. The combination provides adequate hydration and nutrients for healthier, radiant skin.

Collagen Infusion Essential mask
Marine Collagen, Marine Elastine and Vitamin E helps to rejuvenate, improve elasticity and firmness in the skin. Smoothens and softens skin texture, resulting in firmer and younger-looking moisturised skin.

Platinum V-lift Essential mask
Nano-platinum, Trehalose, Pomegranate helps to increase the elasticity of the skin with optimal tightness and lifting effect with its Platinum nano-technology to penetrate deeply into the skin. Platinum2

Vita Whitebeam Essential mask
Vitamin C derivative, tocopherol and y-oryzanol helps in brightening of the skin and controls the forming of melanin. It evens out skin tones and lightens the appearance of dark spots and pigmentation.

TeaTree Healing solution Essential mask
Teatree oil, pine needle, Portulaca oleracea extract helps to control sebum while soothing and calming irritated skin. Recommended for oily blemished-prone skin condition, it refreshes without over drying the skin.tea_tree


I tried I.P.L  Whitelux  ampoule mask, N.M.F Aquaringer ampoule mask and Caviar Repairing Essential mask. I Love the Silk cellulose texture as its super comfortable and fits snugly on my skin. The sheer light texture allows my skin to breathe easier and ensure quick effective penetration of the intensive essence and nutrients that my skin needs.

leaders clinic clinie ipl mask close up

I.P.L  Whitelux  ampoule mask is soaked with a whole ampoule of whitening essence and its choke full of Vitamin C-AAG, Arbutin and Mulberry bark extract. It brightens up my face instantly and revitalizes my skin. My face feels refreshed and hydrated, achieving a luminous look. My favourite!

leaders clinic clinie ipl mask transculent

Caviar Repairing Essential mask together with Caviar extracts and Chitosan,  revitalizes and renews skin. My skin feels nourished, supple and plumped up with a radiant healthier glow.

Leaders Clinic Caviar Repairing Essential mask

Natural Moisturizing Factors (N.M.F) Aquaringer ampoule mask keeps my skin deeply hydrated and plumped up with intense moisturizing ingredients for softer smoother skin and my pores are minimized slightly.

Leaders Clinic Korea Masks N.M.F Aquaringer ampoule mask

Discover Korea Best Selling Leaders Clinic Masks now at Guardian Stores in Singapore. For more information, visit Leaders Clinic Singapore Face Book Fan Page and Serenity Allure.

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